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10 Commandments for Construction Project Managers

April 5, 2017

How many times have we started or finished a problem construction project just to realize the obvious painful truth? We didn’t do one or more important steps that we KNOW should never be neglected. We’ve learned this lesson before, but for some reason it’s happened again. For that reason, we’ve developed a list of the 10 Commandments for Construction Project Managers. Post it on your wall, keep it in your truck, or tattoo it on your forehead. Just don’t forget to follow it!

The 10 Commandments for Construction Project Managers:

  1. I shall not do any work without a signed contract.
  2. I will read and understand the contract document so that I know each party’s’ obligations in terms of the contract. I will ensure that we operate in accordance with this contract.
  3. I will prepare a construction schedule which takes into account restrictions imposed by the client, the available resources, access dates to the work areas, the available information and the normally expected weather conditions. I will ensure this construction schedule is approved in writing by the client and that the construction team understands and follows the schedule. Progress against the schedule will be regularly updated and any slippage will be investigated and caught-up.
  4. I will plan the project before starting work. This planning includes selecting the appropriate construction methods, organizing the required resources and ordering all construction materials.
  5. I won’t start work before all permits and permissions are in place, or before all known services and utility lines and pipes have been located, clearly marked, and protected or made safe.
  6. I will ensure that the construction team is aware of all hazards, that they are competent and have the appropriate training. They should know the safety, quality and behavioral expectations for the project.
  7. I will ensure that variation claims are submitted timely when there are changes, additional work or delays, which were not of our making and which could not have been foreseen or allowed for when we priced the project.
  8. All instructions of a contractual nature which could have time or cost implications, which are received from the client, or issued to our subcontractors, must be in writing.
  9. I will ensure that all work is done safely.
  10. I will see that the work is done to the best quality and in accordance with the project’s specifications and standards. I will always strive to produce work that I will be proud of and to a quality that the client expects.

Author: Paul Netscher

Paul Netscher is an experienced construction professional who managed over 120 projects in 6 countries over 28 years. Paul writes for the ClockShark blog and is the author of five books on construction project management.

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