10 Questions To Ask That Will Make You A Better Contractor

By Paul Netscher | Read time: 1 minutes

Construction projects are usually done in a rush. Contractors are so focused on completing their work in the shortest time that they often make simple mistakes – mistakes that can be costly, and mistakes that could often have been avoided if the person had taken a few extra minutes to stop and ask these questions. These questions are the key to being a better contractor.

  1. Am I proud of this work? Is this the standard that the client will accept?
  2. Is this safe?
  3. Is there another way of doing this which could be safer or smarter?
  4. Will we be paid for this? Is this included in our contract price?
  5. Have we been paid? When will we be paid?
  6. Have you checked? Is this correct?
  7. Do you understand? Do you know what you have to do?
  8. What are the consequences of our action (or lack of action)? Will there be knock-on impacts on other activities?
  9. Is this the right (best) solution to the problem? What’s the cause of the problem? Are we only treating the symptom of the problem or are we actually treating the root cause of the problem?
  10. What are the risks? Have we mitigated the risks? Do we understand the risks?

Take a little extra time to ask these questions and your project will be completed safely and more productively.


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