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Jul 26, 2020
How To Convert Time

When you run a small- or mid-sized construction or field service company, you’re already busy making sure your people are doing their jobs right, and...

Jul 20, 2020
How To Implement Time Tracking in Your Construction Business

Switching your construction business from paper to digital time tracking is a change for the better. With a construction time tracking app, you get better...

Jul 15, 2020
Extreme Janitorial Saves Thousands with Better Time Tracking

Founded in 2015, Extreme Janitorial provides a full range of cleaning and janitorial services to offices, retail, schools, fitness clubs, and others. Carpet...

Jul 15, 2020
Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

Just about anything you read about the future of construction and engineering points to an increased use of technology. While there is a small percentage of...

Jul 14, 2020
10 Tips For Quality Control on Your Construction Project

Construction quality is a crucial factor in growing your business, maintaining a professional reputation, and staying profitable. But not everyone is able...

Jul 13, 2020
Field Service Businesses Need Employee Scheduling Software

Businesses in all industries face the same puzzle - efficient and cost-effective employee scheduling. In the field service industry, business owners have...

Jul 12, 2020
7 Reasons Why Construction Managers Should Visit Their Projects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers “plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from start to...

Jul 6, 2020
How Automated Time Tracking Streamlines Your Payroll Process

Are your payroll policies and procedures up-to-date? If you’re still using paper timesheets, you are probably losing a lot of money without realizing it....

Jun 29, 2020
Clockshark Announces New Jobsite Management Feature

Among the most common uses of technology for project management are time tracking and file sharing. ClockShark is adding more functionality with every upgrade...

Jun 29, 2020
How Timesheet Errors Can Impact Construction and Field Service Companies

Despite some obvious disadvantages, many construction companies and other field service crews are still relying on paper timesheets to track their hours. While...

Jun 22, 2020
Top Benefits of Automated Field Service Scheduling

A whopping 52% of field service companies still rely on manual processes. Yet, 89% of customers want to see on-demand, cloud-based scheduling software used by...

Jun 17, 2020
ClockShark Feature: New Mobile Time Clock 3.0 Is Here

At ClockShark, we work hard to stay on top of the needs of our customers. Like them, we strive to grow because we know if you never take any steps forward,...

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