Aug 31, 2020
What is a Liquidated Damages Clause?

If you’re responsible for negotiating contract terms at your construction company, you should never let a liquidated damages clause slip under your...

Jul 27, 2020
Benefits of GPS Tracking for Your Construction and Field Service Company

According to the Salesforce Connected Service study, 52% of field service businesses still do things manually, depending on paper time cards for their employee...

Jul 26, 2020
Best Apps for Construction Businesses

Running a construction company is a dawn-til-dusk job and often, beyond. Since many construction firms are adopting technology to help them manage time and...

Jul 20, 2020
How To Implement Time Tracking in Your Construction Business

Switching your construction business from paper to digital time tracking is a change for the better. With a construction time tracking app, you get better...

Jul 15, 2020
Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

Just about anything you read about the future of construction and engineering points to an increased use of technology. While there is a small percentage of...

Jul 14, 2020
10 Tips For Quality Control on Your Construction Project

Construction quality is a crucial factor in growing your business, maintaining a professional reputation, and staying profitable. But not everyone is able...

Jul 12, 2020
7 Reasons Why Construction Managers Should Visit Their Projects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers “plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from start to...

Jun 29, 2020
How Timesheet Errors Can Impact Construction and Field Service Companies

Despite some obvious disadvantages, many construction companies and other field service crews are still relying on paper timesheets to track their hours. While...

May 25, 2020
Best Job Costing Software for Construction

Construction job costing helps you keep track of your expenses and stick to a budget when working on a project. It breaks down the cost of materials, labor, and...

May 21, 2020
8 Construction Risks and How Contractors Can Avoid Them

Construction and risk are like Forrest and Jenny—they go together like peas and carrots. So there’s no way you can be a contractor without some risk...

May 6, 2020
How Construction and Field Service Companies Can Return to Work After Quarantine

As of July 2019, the U.S. had one of the largest construction markets in the world with almost 700,000 construction companies. From HVAC techs and electricians...

Apr 30, 2020
How to Avoid Delays in Construction Through Instant Progress Reporting

The construction site is a highly dynamic work environment with complex processes happening at the same time. Even the simplest of construction projects require...

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