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Stay Organized for Tax Season

August 28, 2018

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Tax season is now in full swing, meaning that many are likely wishing they had instituted better organizational systems over the past year. Use this bookkeeping how-to guide to get your small business organized, tax-ready, compliant with the IRS recordkeeping requirements. Meaning, no late fees, no surprises, and a successful tax return that won’t cost you […]

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Claiming Business Expenses Checklist: How To Get Things Right

July 24, 2018

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Research shows that as much as 72% of self-employed in the UK handle taxes without any professional help. Most small business owners are probably aware of the fact that company purchases reduce their tax bill but not everyone knows how it works exactly. Business expenses reduce your tax bill In a nutshell, income tax is […]

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Introducing: ClockShark and Xero Integration

July 19, 2018

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ClockShark & Xero: Partners in Time and Payroll We are excited to announce that ClockShark now integrates with Xero, a leading accounting software for small businesses. Using Xero with ClockShark, you can quickly export time records to your Xero account for invoicing, payroll, or just for fun! 😄 You may have noticed that so far […]

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ACCOUNTING 101 – Five Things a New Business Owner Needs to Know

December 10, 2017

It starts with a vision. A big idea. You know how to do something or make something or provide something better than anyone else. So you start a business. You’ve never taken an accounting class. Maybe you’ve heard of Debits and Credits, but your focus is on your dream, not the numbers. Here are the […]

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Here’s A Secret Weapon For Your Value Priced Billing

March 9, 2017

Pricing models are a hot topic in the professional service industry – especially when it comes to the traditional hourly based pricing model vs. the value-based pricing model.  Value-based billing is attractive to both clients and service providers as it offers cost consistency based on a predetermined rate for the perceived value of the service.  The […]

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Accountants and Bookkeepers?

March 3, 2017

Are you worried about Artificial Intelligence? When Wired magazine publishes an article with the title: “Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs.” it’s easy to become unsettled. Is it true? Are the machines coming to take our jobs? Well, yes. Sort of. Artificial Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds, to be sure. […]

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5 Tips to Increase Client Referrals

February 21, 2017

For most companies, referrals are the best type of prospect. Why? Because they come with a warm introduction, a trust-worthy testimonial, and often a lower cost of sale.   Increasing your customer referrals should be a business goal for every company in the upcoming year.  But, like every goal, first you need to have a […]

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5 Ways to Market Your Local Small Business

February 16, 2017

Whether you just celebrated your Grand Opening or have been experiencing steady growth for several years, local businesses have unique marketing advantages.  Here are five ways to market your small business and further your reach into your local market: 1. Register your company with free local Online Directories Have you ever conducted a search for […]

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How to Eliminate Surprises with Customer Surveys

February 9, 2017

Customer surveys are everywhere these days.  Just last week I received a robotic phone call asking me to evaluate a service representative.  In the same week, I received a four-page survey via snail mail from a local hospital and I don’t even want to count how many times I was asked to fill out an […]

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