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Covering Up Mistakes Can Cost You More Than You Think

May 15, 2017

Does covering up mistakes cost less in the long run? The other day a mini sinkhole developed under the paving of one of our properties. On investigation, we found there was a PVC drain pipe in the ground that had probably been damaged by the contractor installing the paving. Instead of repairing the pipe properly, […]

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Construction Sales Tax Woes: Overcoming It!

March 23, 2017

Construction sales tax is complicated! A really nice guy named Richard called us because he was awarded a construction project in California. He stated emphatically that he wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to do his job, comply with state tax law, and rest easy knowing that he covered both his bases and […]

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10 Tips For Pricing Your Next Project Successfully

December 6, 2016

Have you been awarded a project only to find that there were errors with your price? Maybe you misunderstood what was required, didn’t allow for difficult project conditions, misinterpreted the contract terms and conditions, possibly made a stupid arithmetic error, or assumed a material price instead of obtaining an accurate quote? But I’m sure just […]

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The How-to Guide to Financing a Business

November 18, 2016

Financing a small business can be complex, but with a few tricks of the trade, you can get a plan of action going in no time. Debt, equity, and other creative financing gives you the money you need to help start or grow your company. In theory, you could pay the upfront costs and cover […]

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Why Construction Businesses Need to Forecast Cash Flow

September 23, 2016

Having enough cash to operate your business is often the crucial difference between success and bankruptcy. Yet many construction businesses leave cash flow forecasting out of their financial toolkit. Cash flow forecasting is often viewed as either an unnecessary distraction or an overwhelmingly intimidating task. So why bother? #1. Spot gaps and address them in […]

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You’re Doing Construction Purchase Orders All Wrong. Here’s Why.

August 10, 2016

Are your construction purchase orders correct? Have you ordered a product only to find it hasn’t arrived when expected, it wasn’t exactly what you thought you had ordered, or there were additional extra costs that you had to pay? In construction the same often happens. Materials arrive late, are delivered to the wrong address, come […]

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Your Project’s Price Is Too Low – What Can Contractors Do?

January 6, 2016

Recently a reader wrote to me: “Dear Paul Netscher could you share your opinion on this painful problem please? If my quote was too low for a project and we only notice after we started the project and are losing money like blood…. What can be done? Is there a mutual agreement system established so that […]

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Job Costing Using Construction Time Tracking Software

April 26, 2014

Construction and field service companies with mobile labor forces that require job costing as part of their accounting process need to consider which construction time tracking software will best fit their needs. Job costing using construction time tracking software offers a very cool and accurate way to track the start and end point of the […]

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