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Local Plumbing Business Quits Paper Time Sheets and Boosts Profit Margins

February 5, 2019

Royal Plumbing

Editor’s Note: The following article was originally published in Plumber Magazine, written by Ken Wysocky. The Pains of Payroll At Royal Plumbing in Prairie City, Iowa, timesheets, and payroll were a huge problem. Melissa Thomas, an administrative assistant, says “You’ve got 60 or 70 guys and maybe only 50-time sheets. And trying to decipher their […]

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ConEst Software Systems Review

November 16, 2018

The ConEst Software can be widely used by contractors, engineers, public authorities, construction companies, and even the private or public sector. It offers a wide variety of handy tools that can speed up the process of calculating costs, design, even providing some electrical formulas that can be of significant help. This software gives you a […]

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Vision InfoSoft Review

November 2, 2018

Vision InfoSoft is a comprehensive software program that has components explicitly built for Electrical and Plumbing professionals.  The software program encompasses an Electrical Bid Manager, Electrical Plan TakeOff, Time & Material Billing Manager, and an Electronic Pricing Information and Catalogs System.  The Time & Material Billing Manager offers a cloud-based application that can be used […]

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Big Blue Pixel Software Review

October 26, 2018

“Big Blue Pixel” offers a variety of mobile applications for photo editing, captioning, and other services. It allows the user to download the apps “Photo Measure” and “Perfect Captions.” The website has buttons on the homepage that states the software company is in the planning stages of a new app that can be downloaded to […]

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EOS Group Products Reviews

October 19, 2018

The EOS Group has multiple products to help construction professionals increase their profitability and efficiency.  The Eos suite was founded in 1995 by Steve Anderson and Nick Papadopoulos, and includes the Eos Cortex, Eos Advisor, Eos Explorer and Eos Navigator. The creators come from construction, engineering and facilities industries, so they know firsthand what tools […]

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The Tool Tracker App

October 12, 2018

Wells Innovations created the Tool Tracker app.  The purpose of this application is to simplify the task and tool tracking management, aided by the app’s unique form.  Once the tool tracker application is loaded on a smartphone, it is easily used to scan and monitor all of your tools and equipment.  The form also helps […]

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Review and Approve Employee Timesheets

October 10, 2018

timesheet approvals

To approve or not to approve…that is the question We all know that timesheet approvals are an integral part of processing payroll, and that it’s a task many of us do with varying levels of disdain. For others, there’s no concept of approving a workers’ hours, it’s the honor system – and it works quite well. […]

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Mark Systems Integrated Homebuilder Management Software

October 5, 2018

Mark systems IHMS is a software program created to manage all operations of homebuilders within one system. The Mark Systems Software has modules that help to meet the needs of the home builders business including estimating, service management, bid management, project scheduling, accounting, bid management and customer management.  As a business, having one program to […]

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Knowify Construction Management System

September 28, 2018

The Knowify software is a construction management system created for subcontractors and contractors.  It is tailored to various trades such as plumbing, roofing, masonry, concrete, landscaping, electric, solar, painting, and HVAC.   The software creates a streamlined estimating and bidding process which makes it easier for team members to work together to create more accurate and […]

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Mobile Site Diary App Reviews

September 21, 2018

The Mobile Site Diary application is a powerful tool for creating event records.  The program is intuitive and easy to use, saving time and streamlining the diary entry process.  The Mobile Site Diary application assists with collaboration among team members by allowing users to create an event quickly, tag team members, and share the facts […]

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