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TSheets Data Use Vs. ClockShark Data Use

January 15, 2016

          How much data does the TSheets mobile app use? How much data does the ClockShark mobile app use? For information on TSheets Data Use, you can refer to this page on their help site For information on ClockShark Data Use, you can refer to this page on the ClockShark help […]

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Three Reasons to Switch to Construction Time and Attendance Software

March 1, 2015

Construction time and attendance software is an important part of a modern technologically equipped construction company. The challenges, costs and frustrations of using traditional paper time cards (or other manual methods such as Excel Sheets, etc.) are not acceptable. It is important to streamline your business. Construction time and attendance software will streamline your business […]

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BuildTools Review – Custom Home Builder Software

November 2, 2014

BuildTools Review: A comprehensive system for managing your business – worth a close look BuildTools is a web-based app for custom home builders and remodelers. BuildTools provided us with a demo account for the purposes of this review. BuildTools purports to manage communication, project schedules, budgets and more all from a web-based interface that you […]

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Fieldwire Review: Construction Plan Management App

October 12, 2014

Fieldwire is a fairly new construction app for mobile construction drawings/plan management. Here’s my quick Fieldwire review after spending some time test driving the system. Fieldwire excels at making once bulky sets of paper construction plans available from mobile devices as well as sharing tasks (as they relate to the plans) among a team. I […]

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Timesheet App for Construction

July 6, 2014

Why do you need a timesheet app for construction? Maybe you have multiple crews spread out over several states, or maybe you have 10 guys working on various jobsites throughout your city. Maybe you have 50 or more workers on a major project across town. Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, you […]

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Construction Time Tracking with ClockShark

May 18, 2014

Looking for construction time tracking software? ClockShark is a software app designed specifically for construction and field service companies to track time for payroll using employee smartphones. ClockShark offers an awesome feature set that will allow you to put a sophisticated time clock on each worker’s smartphone, easily recording their time now and conveniently processing […]

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Time Sheet Apps for Construction Sites: Five Arguments For Automation

March 18, 2014

You’ve got all the essential equipment in your truck, however, are you really sure all your employees are able to accurately record their work sessions and have that data automatically available in good time to enable you or your supervisors to make decisions, and so that your payroll personnel can do the payroll correctly? Since […]

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