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Introducing Facial Recognition – New Biometric Time Clock for Construction

July 13, 2018

Powerful Facial Recognition Comes to ClockShark!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something that could remember names AND faces? Spoiler alert. There is now. We are excited to introduce facial recognition to ClockShark! ClockShark’s facial recognition technology is a powerful tool available to your company which takes a picture of your employees when they clock in for work, and embeds the photo in […]

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Introducing KioskClock™ – The Time Clock Everyone Can Share.

April 13, 2018

KioskClock - A Construction Time Clock

Drum roll, please! Today, we are very excited to announce ClockShark’s freshest feature: KioskClock™. KioskClock™ allows multiple employees to easily clock in from a single device. It transforms your tablet or smartphone into the easiest-to-use time clock ever! In no time, your employees can get on the clock and get to work. How Does KioskClock™ […]

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SmartBid Online Construction Bid Software

January 12, 2018

SmartBid is a software program that was created to assist contractors with managing data regarding subcontractors, project documents and sending invitations to bid.  Smartbid is a cloud-based system so it can be accessed wherever a team member is, on whatever device they have.  The information needed is always handy and stored securely in the online […]

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Pipeline Suite Review

November 3, 2017

Pipeline Suite Review

Pipeline Suite is designed for general contractor and subcontractors. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) bid invitation system.This Pipeline Suite review will cover the three products which are part of the suite – pipelineOPR which allows the specs for subs and uploading plans, pipelineRFQ is the bid information software that we found to […]

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Job-Flex Review

October 27, 2017

Job-Flex review

Job-Flex is a Web-based construction application that was created by individuals who have worked in the HVAC, Insulation and general remodeling fields. This Job-Flex review will cover their Android mobile app because, at the moment, that’s all there is. They plan on releasing version for the web and IOS soon, but so far it’s Android […]

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BuilderTrend Review – Home Building Software Worth Checking Out

July 14, 2017

Here’s our Buildertrend Review! We found it to be a great app. BuilderTrend is a management system used so that home builders, remodelers, general and specialty contractors can manage their change orders, options, sections, documents, and schedules as well as communicating with subcontractors, associates, and vendors for warranties. In addition to providing tools to the builders, the […]

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The Secrets to a Painless Switch from Paper Timesheets to Electronic Time Tracking

February 19, 2016

How to make a painless switch from paper time sheets Image

Paper Timesheets: The Challenge of Switching One of the challenges with switching from paper time sheets to an electronic time tracking system like ClockShark, is not technical. It’s people. People don’t all like it when things change. Some resist. They’re looking for reasons to stay the same, since change involves uncertainty, and uncertainty is uncomfortable. […]

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Three Reasons to Switch to Construction Time and Attendance Software

March 1, 2015

Construction time and attendance software is an important part of a modern technologically equipped construction company. The challenges, costs and frustrations of using traditional paper time cards (or other manual methods such as Excel Sheets, etc.) are not acceptable. It is important to streamline your business. Construction time and attendance software will streamline your business […]

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Time Clock Job Costing Software

December 19, 2014

ClockShark is a powerful time clock job costing software designed for small businesses to track time from mobile apps and report on it. The time you track can be used for both payroll and job costing purposes. Our time clock job costing solution works using mobile apps that run on your employees smartphones. The time […]

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