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Three Reasons to Switch to Construction Time and Attendance Software

March 1, 2015

Construction time and attendance software is an important part of a modern technologically equipped construction company. The challenges, costs and frustrations of using traditional paper time cards (or other manual methods such as Excel Sheets, etc.) are not acceptable. It is important to streamline your business. Construction time and attendance software will streamline your business […]

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Construction Time Tracking with ClockShark

May 18, 2014

Looking for construction time tracking software? ClockShark is a software app designed specifically for construction and field service companies to track time for payroll using employee smartphones. ClockShark offers an awesome feature set that will allow you to put a sophisticated time clock on each worker’s smartphone, easily recording their time now and conveniently processing […]

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Construction Timesheets Software

May 11, 2014

Looking into construction timesheets software for your business? Good move! North America has been witnessing unprecedented mobile employees’ growth over the last few years, especially in the construction business—currently, there are 8 million workers. It has been getting difficult to keep track of not only time but also attendance. While many construction companies have come up […]

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Mobile Time Clocks for Contractors – Save Money, Save Time

March 18, 2014

It is estimated that North America has over 75 million mobile workers and about 7.5 million construction employees. Business owners and construction supervisors are facing challenges trying to track time and monitor the attendance of workers. As a result, mobile time clocks for contractors are rising in popularity. Nevertheless, there are many construction businesses still […]

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Time Clocks for Construction Workers: 5 Reasons to Choose SaaS over Licensed Software

February 22, 2014

When looking at time clocks for construction workers, here are five reasons to choose a Saas (software as a service) solution over traditional licensed software. SaaS time clocks for construction workers offer mostly benefits over traditional licensed software. The only potential drawback we think you should consider (and it won’t be a drawback for everyone), is […]

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Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

February 2, 2014

With over 75 million mobile employees in North America and approximately 8 million active construction workers, challenges are growing for construction employers trying to track time and attendance. Mobile Time Clocks have been implemented already by many innovative construction companies. However, lots of companies are still using inefficient paper-based methods. Finding ways to make your mobile […]

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Advantages of Mobile Timeclocks for Job Costing

August 3, 2013

Businesses with a mobile workforce that require job costing as a part of their payroll process should be in the market for a mobile timeclock solution. Why? Many mobile timeclock solutions offer real-time tracking of employee start and stop times and allow employees to switch between labor categories as well as job codes/numbers. This accurate […]

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