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New Features: Manager Permissions and Who’s Working Now on Mobile

September 5, 2017

New Manager Permissions

It’s that time again! We’ve got some exciting new features to announce. You can now see Who’s Working Now via the mobile app, along with their GPS locations, notes and any file attachments they’ve added. But that’s not all! The new Manager Permissions feature allows you to setup specific Employees with permission to access features […]

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Review of Raken – Daily Reporting App

June 16, 2017

In my quest for finding a replacement for my paper trail on the job site, I recently tried out The Raken App.  I am so glad I decided to give it a try!  It is much easier than having all that paper to track down and keep track of.  There are so many little things […]

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How clients accidentally sabotage construction projects, and how you can stop it

May 4, 2017

Will your client contribute to your construction projects success, or to its failure? Regrettably, sometimes projects end badly. They are of poor quality, aren’t fit for purpose, they are completed late, they end over budget, have people injured or killed during construction, or they do not deliver value for money. When construction projects go wrong […]

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