Construction Time Tracking Apps: 5 Reasons to Select SaaS instead of Desktop Software

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If you are looking for a construction time tracking app, here are five reasons why you should opt for Software as a Service (SaaS) solution instead of the outdated desktop software. SaaS construction time tracking apps offer more benefits than desktop software. The only possible downside you might want to reflect on is that, for bigger businesses the cost may be a bit higher for a Software as a Service solution. This high cost would be caused by the huge number of employees hired by large companies because most SaaS construction time tracking apps charge per employee. That said; some SaaS solutions providers sometimes offer discounts to large businesses; hence, reducing the cost per employee.

Here are 5 Reasons SaaS is better for construction time tracking apps than desktop software solutions:

1. High Reliability

Software as a Service (SaaS) is maintained and hosted by the software company in their own servers. That means it’s very reliable. Normal Saas uptimes can reach the 99.9 percent range. That means it’d be very unlikely for your employees and administration staff to have a hard time accessing the time clock system.

Therefore, the frequent computer network issues we always encounter at the office with server & internet crashes will not affect your time clock system. Your staff will still be able to access their smartphones and punch in/out when your office network goes down.

2. Goes Everywhere with No Stress

Another great feature that makes SaaS construction time tracking apps better than desktop software is the fact that SaaS apps can be used anywhere. Today, a lot of construction businesses have employees spread across larger geographical settings, so it’s of great importance to opt for a solution that is flexible. This will ensure that your employees or any other person who wants to log into the administrative interface to print, read or edit reports won’t have any problems. SaaS construction time tracking apps usually make the time clock interface viewable on workers’ smartphone, or over the web. The administrative interface can be easily accessed via the web. Since it is highly flexible, it means there are no complex operations required. Saas solutions are capable of achieving maximum flexibility.

3. Automatic Updates

One of the most admirable features of SaaS construction time tracking apps is the ability to update automatically. The best SaaS construction time tracking app providers are always updating their apps and software. New updates to the web-based portal of the device are completely automatic. For this reason, you’ll be always using the latest version of the application with the latest security features. This reduces the time, costs, and inconveniences we always encounter since we no longer need to manually update the software. Moreover, we will not need to worry of the security fears of failing to update your system on time. However, smartphones do not have automatic update of apps, but construction employees can still be able to easily download the latest updates to their cell phones without help. In fact, the smartphone itself will alert the employee that a new version is available for download.

4. Scalable With Little Commitment

SaaS construction time tracking apps normally scale very adaptable in terms of cost as well as technical application. Even though desktop software can also scale well, its chances of causing network and hardware problems related to connectivity and servers across several locations are very high. Again, a good number of desktop solutions do not work well with mobile employees and many don’t just scale well to multiple sites. Technically speaking, SaaS is quite more scalable than its desktop software counterpart, although not always. SaaS construction time tracking apps always charge per seat, so it also scales well in terms of cost.

5. Security/Safety

Data security is one of the top concerns for construction companies these days. There are two main possibilities: possibility of critical data loss and safety of important business documents. SaaS solutions transfer critical information “into the cloud”. In simple words, SaaS solution providers host the database as well as the software to their servers. This may not sit well with employers who believe that data can only be stored safely offline. There are several reasons why this popular belief is far from the truth – the likelihood of you losing data in the cloud is rare.

Cloud data storage service offered by SaaS time tracking apps providers usually uses servers that store several data copies in a construction time tracking apps photoRAID configuration. Moreover, they offer backups for additional redundancies. These servers are in sophisticated datacenters with HVAC systems, security precautions, 24/7 monitoring system, and fire protection. The information is stored in the data center is usually safe from snooping eyes, because security entrance is securely controlled in the data center. It is also worth considering that SaaS solutions never keep any employee’s information that is deemed too sensitive e.g. SSNs; hence, reducing concerns.

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