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Construction Time Tracking with ClockShark

May 18, 2014

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Looking for construction time tracking software? ClockShark is a software app designed specifically for construction and field service companies to track time for payroll using employee smartphones. ClockShark offers an awesome feature set that will allow you to put a sophisticated time clock on each worker’s smartphone, easily recording their time now and conveniently processing payroll later.

Launched in the Summer of 2014, ClockShark’s mission is to create a time tracking software so simple and elegant that it corrects the course of businesses, improves lives, and creates love. Let’s read how.

How ClockShark’s Construction Time Tracking WorksConstruction Time Tracking Solution ClockShark

ClockShark’s time tracking system has two parts, a website for administrative and worker access plus downloadable apps that are installed on workers’ (and administrators’) smartphones or tablets. Workers clock in and out from the smartphone apps easily just by pressing a button. Your worker brings up the ClockShark app, presses the Clock In button, selects a job site, selects a cost code, and is now clocked in. The app records the GPS location of the worker. The info for the punch is sent in near-real time to the website, where administrators (AKA: you!) can easily view it as well as edit it. When a worker needs to clock out or switch jobs or cost codes, they simply click a button on the ClockShark app, and it’s recorded in real-time.

The most powerful construction time tracking abilities in ClockShark come from the administrative website. There you can view all of the times your workers have punched for any date range (often a payroll period). You can easily see the location of the worker when they punched in or out. You can also easily edit any incorrect or incomplete times. You can easily view the location of each punch on a convenient map view.

When it’s time to run payroll, simply print an easy report that shows total hours worked for each employee. You can then give this report to your payroll company, or export the time into Quickbooks if you run payroll in-house. You can also run reports that show job cost info and hours worked per job site. These reports are helpful in making decisions about your job sites.


ClockShark’s Construction Time Tracking Features:

1. BudgetTracking: Need to track budgets? ClockShark allows you to set a budget of hours for a job, then get emailed notifications when those budgets are exceeded.

2. GPSTrak: Allows you to view the location that your worker’s punch in and out from on a convenient map.

3. Scheduler: Allows you to schedule workers by job site. Worker’s can see the schedule updates in real time via the smartphone app.

4. And So Much More! 

Remember: ClockShark is designed for small and mid-sized construction companies to allow them to take control of their time tracking and to give them a powerful and easy-to-use construction time tracking solution. ClockShark offers a powerful set of features that allows you to save money and time by processing payroll more quickly and accurately. What are you waiting for? Sign up today for free at






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ClockShark is the #1 time tracking and scheduling app for construction and field service companies.

ClockShark is the #1 time tracking and scheduling app for construction and field service companies! To learn more check out the video below. To get a free 14-day trial visit


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