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May 11, 2014

Looking into construction timesheets software for your business? Good move! North America has been witnessing unprecedented mobile employees’ growth over the last few years, especially in the construction business—currently, there are 8 million workers. It has been getting difficult to keep track of not only time but also attendance. While many construction companies have come up with their own home-grown construction time sheets processes, many have made a smart move to construction timesheets software.

It’s of utmost importance for construction businesses to accurately track the time of their employees. Labor cost codes also need happy_construction_worker_medto be reported precisely to avoid overpaying for Worker’s Compensation due to incorrect cost codes. There have been various studies by Nucleus Research whose results indicate that businesses can reduce unnecessary payroll expenses by 2% or more on average by using an automated system for tracking attendance and time.

Save money by using construction timesheets software

Considering the 2% expense reduction and the 2012 US household median income of $51,000—a business can save around $1050 per employee per year. Did it ever occur to you that this much money was being spent unnecessarily?

Consider a landscape company where relatively low-paid workers are used.  with an average hourly rate of $14-15 per employee, $583 can be saved per full-time employee just by implementing construction timesheets software. In companies with higher paid employees are used, these numbers obviously go up.

But wait, there are even more ways of increasing your profits using construction timesheets software. You can increase your revenue. How do you ask? By using construction timesheets software, you won’t risk losing track of billable hours. You mean John can’t remember how many hours he worked on the Thompson job? Does his time card say he worked 8 hours that day but he says he only spent 3 hours at the Johnson job? How could that be? The nice thing with construction timesheets software is that you can stop wondering and know that you have an accurate record of where and when the employee was throughout the day (GPS tracks this via smartphone apps).

Construction timesheets software as a smartphone app

Gone are the days where you needed to invest in costly hardware-based time clocks or PDAs to track time in your construction business. Despite being costly to purchase up-front, these old-school devices had other limitations (such as a need for periodic replacement and troublesome manual downloading of times by connecting a cable). Smartphone-based construction timesheets software apps offer numerous advantages over the old way. These time sheets apps can easily be downloaded and configured by any of your employees. A forecast report by shows that there will be 160 million smartphone users in the US in 2014. In keeping with this report, a majority of employees now own smartphones. Many construction timesheet software solutions do not charge any setup fees and since your employees already have a smartphone, there is no up-front investment to get started. Constant online connections via cell towers provide extra features such as almost real-time monitoring for the employer of his/her employee’s status. some construction timesheets software even enables employers to be alerted of over-budget jobs and unscheduled overtime. It all adds up to saving money, fewer hassles, and more accurate record keeping.

Also, for those concerned about the environment, a smartphone app greatly reduces the externalities caused by using paper to track time. There are at least two ways this happens. First, it mitigates the use of paper—a resource that comes from trees. You can keep track of everything over a cloud dashboard and don’t need paper. Secondly, it cuts down the unnecessary travel that employees may have to go to job sites to pick up time sheets or to the office to drop them off. This saves resources not only of employees but also those of society as a whole.

GPS tracking with construction timesheets software

The built-in GPS tracking system in many construction timesheets software systems gives you more power than you could have asked for. The exact location of a phone (& thus the employee) can be recorded whenever he/she punches in. This gives you a tool to easily monitor the employee’s current location. Some construction timesheets software systems provide a feature that logs GPS locations across a whole shift—which can be further checked against a “geo-fence”. So, if an employee exits a predefined location, a notification can be sent to you and the shift can be ‘paused’. Although some critics have expressed concerns regarding the accuracy of GPS in smartphones, there have been studies (like this one) which show the latest smartphones have GPS accuracy of 2-5 feet. This is as accurate as comparable dedicated GPS navigation based devices.

If you are interested in knowing more about how more time and money can be saved by using a modern construction timesheets software I have some good news for you.

ClockShark is a new construction timesheet software system. You can learn more about ClockShark and even start a free trial here. 

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ClockShark is the #1 time tracking and scheduling app for construction and field service companies.

ClockShark is the #1 time tracking and scheduling app for construction and field service companies! To learn more check out the video below. To get a free 14-day trial visit


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