Employee Time Clocks for Construction: Five Reasons to Automate

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All the necessary tools for our construction work are already in our trucks. But then again, how sure are you that your employees are also armed with awesome tools so that they can accurately track their work times and have that data ready so that you and your staff can get them paid and make important decisions? Since technology is advancing very fast, it is critical to arm yourself with the newest advanced tools in order to keep up with the speed of business. As contractors, the majority of us know how to choose the best tools for doing work in the field. Even so, most of us still fall behind on automating the back office functions that will save us a good deal of money and time. Construction firms that have embraced employee time clocks for construction save a lot of time & money. There are quite a lot of employee time clocks for construction that use worker’s smartphone to gather times and report them back to the office.

Employee Time Clocks for Construction – Why You Should Automate

1. Affordable: It is not expensive to purchase automated employee time clocks for your construction business. As a matter of fact, employee time clocks for construction photothrough making a small investment in employee time clocks for construction you’ll save money and time overall. This is because filling out conventional paper time cards isn’t a very accurate method. In fact, the American Payroll Association says that paper time cards cost company owners around 2-3% per every pay period. This lost money happens because workers usually fill out paper time cards toward the end of the week or day. They normally fill them from memory, meaning any errors will always favor the employees. Why? It is just human nature that people overestimate their hours!

2. Reduce the cost of labor: A recent report published by the American Payroll Association states that employee time clocks for construction companies generate an average of 2% savings on each payroll. Employees have a tendency to round up when using traditional paper time cards. These rounding up errors, however, causes cumulative overtime that should not exist! Using an automated system will not only get rid of these rounding errors, but will also save money and bar employees from arriving late or leaving early.

3. Control overtime: Using some employee time clock systems you can be notified via email in the event an employee enters over time. Over time costs is something that most of us grapple with in construction businesses. Often times overtime becomes important, especially when we want to meet a deadline or complete the project at hand so the next job can be started. Nevertheless, controlling overtime is quite a problem as employees and managers often fail to track their hours. Most employee time clocks for construction will automatically alert you via email each time a worker go into overtime, so that you may take action.

4. Accurate and easier: Employee time clocks for construction can capture job details and times in actual time from employees. For this reason, the job cost information is really very accurate and can be easily transmitted from payroll to your accounting system. Since these job costs are very accurate, you will be able to see how your jobs are forging ahead on labor budgets.

5. GPS Tracking System: Good employee time clocks for construction businesses use GPS tracking systems to inform you where employees are when they are clocked in. So you’ll be able to know if workers clock in or clock out in strange locations that aren’t your job! Some time clocks use “geofences”. This means that you can set up a boundary around your jobsite, then be notified of punch in or out that occurs outside the jobsite.

You have made some big investments in modern equipment and tools to do the job. Be that as it may, it is also imperative to invest a little more in employee time clocks for construction sites so you can save some money on payroll and improve the accuracy of information you have about your jobs.

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