Job Costing Using Construction Time Tracking Software

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Construction and field service companies with mobile labor forces that require job costing as part of their accounting process need to consider which construction time tracking software will best fit their needs. Job costing using construction time tracking software offers a very cool and accurate way to track the start and end point of the shift for time and location, and allows for alternating between different job categories and the job numbers. Using construction time tracking software can cut down on labor costs as well as reduce administrative costs in payroll processing.

Since you are a contractor or field service company, you are likely running Quickbooks for payroll and/or accounting. Some of the available construction time tracking software solutions (including ClockShark) offer easy ways to get your time out of the Job costing with construction time tracking softwaresoftwareJob costing with construction time tracking software and into Quickbooks. If you use Quickbooks you may want to consider a solution like ClockShark, that offers an integration with Quickbooks for payroll and job costing (integration planned for release in Fall 2014). This type of integration will allow you to run payroll very quickly and accurately.Once the payroll person is done reviewing the times clocked by your people, they simply export the data by pressing a button and it is automatically loaded into Quickbooks payroll with all job costing information (job names/numbers and task codes). How’s that for awesome?

Another thing to consider when selecting a construction time tracking software which supports job costing is ease of use, cost and portability. Some of the available solutions use expensive clocks that you have to purchase. These may work well on some larger jobsites where a large number of employees access a central clock. On the other hand a few solutions (like ClockShark) install an easy to use time clock on employees’ smartphones. The increased portability of smartphone time tracking offers benefits for construction companies that may run smaller crews and/or smaller jobsites as well as field service companies where the jobsite is always changing. Smartphone solutions also generally have no up-front purchase cost since no physical hardware needs to be purchased. Finally (and very importantly), if you need to do job costing using construction time tracking software make sure the software you select supports both job names & numbers as well as task codes and switching codes while clocked in. Not all of them do! The construction time tracking solutions that offer switching tasks and jobs while clocked in allow for the most flexible capturing of times in the field by your crews. Having this feature will prevent having to clock out, then clock back in on the new job or task. Job costing with construction time tracking software offers a cool way to improve how you do business.

When choosing a time tracking software solution, make sure you get one with all the right features. The right choice ultimately depends on checking out all the features in relation to the size and style of your business to make sure it’s a good fit.


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