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Review and Approve Employee Timesheets

October 10, 2018

timesheet approvals

To approve or not to approve…that is the question We all know that timesheet approvals are an integral part of processing payroll, and that it’s a task many of us do with varying levels of disdain. For others, there’s no concept of approving a workers’ hours, it’s the honor system – and it works quite well. […]

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How to Choose the Right Construction Software for Your Company

October 9, 2018

ollow these tips, do thorough research, and you'll be halfway towards picking the perfect software for you and your construction company. Image

It’s happening all around you. You’re hearing about all these construction companies that are getting smart hard hats, drones, implementing software, and making all kinds of technological moves. Although the construction industry has been one of the last industries to fully adopt technology, the wheels have certainly hit the ground and adoption is in full […]

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Encouraging Diversity in Your Construction Company

October 2, 2018

Encouraging Diversity in Your Construction Company Image

Diversity in Construction Construction is a melting pot of people of different colors. Our employees herald from different nations and varying economic backgrounds. When we employ people on our projects, or promote people, or award salary increases or bonuses, how many of these decisions are made completely without bias or regard to the person’s appearance? […]

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Knowify Construction Management System

September 28, 2018

The Knowify software is a construction management system created for subcontractors and contractors.  It is tailored to various trades such as plumbing, roofing, masonry, concrete, landscaping, electric, solar, painting, and HVAC.   The software creates a streamlined estimating and bidding process which makes it easier for team members to work together to create more accurate and […]

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12 Cost Report Mistakes You Should Avoid

September 25, 2018

12 Cost Report Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are your project cost reports worth the paper they’re printed on? In a previous article, I discussed how important it is to know whether your project is making or losing money. Some contractors don’t bother with project cost reports. They simply hope for the best, and that the project ends profitably. While contractors do sometimes […]

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Are You Tired of Losing Money on Your Projects?

September 18, 2018

Are You Tired of Losing Money on Your Projects_

Is your project making money or losing money? Several years ago, our monthly cost reports on one project showed we were losing money on concrete materials. The matter remained unresolved and the losses mounted. Furthermore, our progress was often held up due to a lack of cement. With a little research, I found that we […]

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QuoteSoft Software Review

September 14, 2018

The QuoteSoft Software is a program designed for a variety of industries including mechanical, plumbing, piping and refrigeration contractors. Its primary purpose is to help the contractor or company estimate labor and costs for industrial piping and plumbing, simultaneously allowing you to save information about the estimations on the cloud. For piping and plumbing industries […]

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Construction Finance 101: Tips for Small Business Owners

September 11, 2018

Construction Finance 101_ Tips for Small Business Owners Image

Cash flow is a common challenge faced by small businesses. It’s particularly tough for small construction companies — those with 20 or fewer employees — which typically have a difficult time making sure their income and expenses align. It’s great if a small construction company can get an initial deposit and have a clear progress […]

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Zapier + ClockShark: Connect Your Business to 1000’s of Apps

September 6, 2018

ClockShark now integrates with Zapier

We are excited to announce that ClockShark now integrates with Zapier, a leading workflow automation tool. With Zapier, you can connect ClockShark to other software apps to make your work day easier and lighter. How Does Zapier Work? Zapier allows users to create automated workflows. A zap is a sequence of events, each one causing […]

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How to Quote Your Construction Projects

September 4, 2018 Image

What construction projects should you be pricing? Some contractors are like some actors. They sign up for every project that crosses their desk. This often means that the estimating team works long hours and price estimates are rushed. Little thought is put into ways to make the price more attractive to the client. When pricing […]

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