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Web Based Time Clock Software for HVAC Companies

March 25, 2014

The USA reportedly has more than 70 million mobile workers and over 7 million full-time construction employees.  With such an influx of employees, companies are having a hard time finding a way to regulate and manage the time habits of their workers. Web based time clock software is being used already by many HVAC companies […]

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Time Sheet Apps for Construction Sites: Five Arguments For Automation

March 18, 2014

You’ve got all the essential equipment in your truck, however, are you really sure all your employees are able to accurately record their work sessions and have that data automatically available in good time to enable you or your supervisors to make decisions, and so that your payroll personnel can do the payroll correctly? Since […]

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Mobile Time Clocks for Contractors – Save Money, Save Time

March 18, 2014

It is estimated that North America has over 75 million mobile workers and about 7.5 million construction employees. Business owners and construction supervisors are facing challenges trying to track time and monitor the attendance of workers. As a result, mobile time clocks for contractors are rising in popularity. Nevertheless, there are many construction businesses still […]

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Time Clock Software for Construction Sites: Five Reasons to Automate

March 1, 2014

You have all the tools you need in your trucks, but are your workers also equipped with an automated way to accurately record their work times and have that info automatically made available in real time so that you or your managers can make decisions and so that your payroll person can do payroll accurately? […]

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Time Clocks for Construction Workers: 5 Reasons to Choose SaaS over Licensed Software

February 22, 2014

When looking at time clocks for construction workers, here are five reasons to choose a Saas (software as a service) solution over traditional licensed software. SaaS time clocks for construction workers offer mostly benefits over traditional licensed software. The only potential drawback we think you should consider (and it won’t be a drawback for everyone), is […]

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Five Ways Paper Time Cards Cost Your Construction Business Money

February 16, 2014

Is your construction business using paper time cards? Ever wonder if paper time cards cost your construction business money? For most construction businesses labor (and its associated burden costs), is one of the biggest costs to worry about.  Let’s have a look at five big ways using paper time cards (instead of modern time clock software) […]

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Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

February 2, 2014

With over 75 million mobile employees in North America and approximately 8 million active construction workers, challenges are growing for construction employers trying to track time and attendance. Mobile Time Clocks have been implemented already by many innovative construction companies. However, lots of companies are still using inefficient paper-based methods. Finding ways to make your mobile […]

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Time and Attendance Software

September 29, 2013

What is Time and Attendance Software? Time and Attendance Software is software that helps track the time and attendance of employees. It allows for centralized collection, editing and processing of times and attendance for inputting into payroll. Time and Attendance Software usually works with a central database and remote time collection terminals/computers. Time and Attendance […]

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Web Based Time Clock Software Pros & Cons

September 28, 2013

What are the pros and cons of Web Based Time Clock Software? What benefits will your organization see from using one of the many web based time clock software systems on the market today? What advantages would you have using a more traditional hardware based (physical) time clock at your place of business? What are […]

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