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Time and Attendance Software

September 29, 2013

What is Time and Attendance Software? Time and Attendance Software is software that helps track the time and attendance of employees. It allows for centralized collection, editing and processing of times and attendance for inputting into payroll. Time and Attendance Software usually works with a central database and remote time collection terminals/computers. Time and Attendance […]

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Web Based Time Clock Software Pros & Cons

September 28, 2013

What are the pros and cons of Web Based Time Clock Software? What benefits will your organization see from using one of the many web based time clock software systems on the market today? What advantages would you have using a more traditional hardware based (physical) time clock at your place of business? What are […]

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Employee Time Tracking Software

September 22, 2013

Employee Time Tracking Software is a great way to minimize payroll costs in your organization and streamline the payroll process for the people involved with processing your payroll. A properly implemented Employee Time Tracking Software solution will make it easier for employees to track and report time as well as improve the efficiency of accuracy […]

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Icon Time RTC1000 2.0 Universal Employee Time Clock Review

August 18, 2013

The Icon Time RTC1000 2.0 Universal Employee Time Clock is a popular time clock that is available on Amazon. We believe this is one of the better hardware based clocks for small businesses. From the manufacturer’s website “The RTC-1000 2.0 Universal Time Clock™ system comes with everything a business needs to begin collecting punch data […]

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Fingertech TA300 Desktop Time Clock Review

August 10, 2013

The Fingertech TA300 is a desktop employee time clock that uses fingerprint recognition to identify workers. The clock is portable and the company says it is ideal for on the go setups like trade shows, construction workers, and training centers. The clock is connected to a PC via a USB connection and punches download to […]

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Take a Bite out of your Payroll with an Employee Time Clock

August 10, 2013

Laptop,Ipad and Iphone with ClockShark Time Tracking

What do employee time clocks and sharks have in common? They both take a bite out of stuff! An employee time clock will save you time and money for your company by taking a bite out of payroll costs and (hopefully) making administration of your time and attendance easier. There are many time clock systems on […]

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5 Reasons to use a Time Clock System instead of Time Cards

August 4, 2013


1. Time clocks ease the administrative burdens and costs associated with processing payroll. Modern time clock systems record detailed time records for each employee that can be easily downloaded by the payroll administrator and incorporated into payroll. This eliminates the need to collect timecards from tens or even hundreds of employees each period. Using timecards also […]

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Advantages of Mobile Timeclocks for Job Costing

August 3, 2013


Businesses with a mobile workforce that require job costing as a part of their payroll process should be in the market for a mobile timeclock solution. Why? Many mobile timeclock solutions offer real-time tracking of employee start and stop times and allow employees to switch between labor categories as well as job codes/numbers. This accurate […]

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