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Time Card App Review – A Look at Free Time Card Apps on Google Play

August 30, 2013

Looking for a free Time Card App?

Let’s take a look at a few of the popular free Time Card Apps out there for both Android and iOS and go over the features and reviews from current users. We have also downloaded many of these apps, set them up and experimented with them to make this review legit! Ready for the goods?

First, we are going to take a look at Time card by K.O. which is an app available on Google Play. Hmm, this time card app has all of the screenshots in Google Play in Chinese and a description in broken English. Ok now I am

time card app gone wrong

It is all in Chinese? Ok I think it is Japanese. Next app please…

scared. The app has 255 reviews with 4 out of 5 stars average, so I went ahead with the download just to see what this time card app is like. On initial load I get a popup message comparable to “PC Load Letter” in Office Space. One look around the interface and I am totally confused, next app please.

Next is Android Time Card Free. At first glance this Time Card App looks a lot more promising with 100k+ downloads in Google Play and 4 out of 5 average star reviews. The whole thing appears to be in English, which is good (for us English speakers anyway).  On initial load, the interface looks somewhat decent. There is a row of somewhat self-explanatory icons on top such as Entry, History, Names, Desc, Rates. To get started I selected the Entry tab. This tab has a Start and Done button for starting and stopping the time. You can also type in a job name/number and job description if you want. I didn’t test this, but the app seems to be able to remember previously used job names/numbers as well as descriptions and allows you to select them from a drop down menu instead of typing them in. That is handy. I tried clocking some time on the app, and when viewing the times punched on the history tab it showed the times and made a calculation of money

time clock app done right

Time Recording – Timesheet App by DynamicG. Nice app!

earned based on the Rate I specified in the Rates tab. However, the display was buggy on my Galaxy S4. Not sure how else to put it, the app feels very “freeware-ish”. In general it seems functional and may be a decent solution for some users for very basic time tracking needs.

The next and final free Time Card App in our review is Time Recording – Timesheet App by DynamicG which is also available on Google Play and has over 500k downloads making it the most downloaded of the three apps. This app has a 4.5 star average review and 5700 Google +1s. So the app is pretty popular. On first launch the app looks much more promising than the other two I reviewed. I tried clocking in and out and then viewing the history which is shown in a Day, Week or Month view. Although I did not have more than a couple punches loaded (so it was hard to see how the interface handles a large data set) the views seemed solid and gave the expected results, showing and and out times and dates clearly with totals clearly calculated. The app supports task coding and entering client names to code your hours to. Nice so far. Next, the coolest part of the time card app is a very nice home-screen widget that allows for punching in and out with a single button press and even allows you to specify your task and client. This app is really a winner. I can see why it has so many reviews and downloads. Based on my evalulation it is the only one of the three apps that is really usable, and it could even be called “good”, especially for the price…free.

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