Time Tracking App for Quickbooks Online

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ClockShark is a time tracking app for Quickbooks Online designed specifically for the needs of construction and field service companies. Employees install the mobile app on their Android or iPhone smartphone and can clock in or out from anywhere just like they would on a traditional time clock located in your building. Employers can view, edit and report on employee time tracking data from a convenient web-based dashboard.

Quickbooks Online Integration

The Quickbooks Online integration in ClockShark allows you to share your customers, jobs, and employees in Quickbooks Online with the ClockShark time tracking app system. The integration is time tracking app for quickbooks onlinesimple to setup. If you are an existing Quickbooks Online customer, after signing up for a free trial of ClockShark, you simply walk through a brief setup process to connect your ClockShark account with Quickbooks Online. During this ten minute setup process you will download your customers, jobs, service items, and employees from Quickbooks into ClockShark.

Now you are ready to have your employees start tracking time in ClockShark. We’ll help you send each of your employees a quick email with instructions to download the mobile app. Your employees just need to download the free app and start tracking time. They’ll be able to track time to a specific job and service item.

We call service items “tasks” in ClockShark. So for example, your employee can clock in to the “Walker Job” on task “Regular Labor” or on task “Travel”. Once clocked in your employee can then switch between jobs and tasks. You’ll be able to see the time activities in real-time via your employer dashboard.

You can edit time tracking records as needed, then sync your time tracking records to Quickbooks Online with the push of a button. You’ll also be able to print time tracking reports in PDF or download them in CSV format. Available reports include job site totals reports and employee time cards, just to name a couple. If you’re looking for a time tracking app for Quickbooks Online, you should check out ClockShark.

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