TSheets Competitors Overview

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Looking for TSheets Competitors aka alternatives?

Here’s some of the TSheets competitors in the mobile app time tracking space as it relates to the construction and field service industries:

1. TSheets:tsheets_logo


  1. 100% cloud and mobile app-based
  2. Easy and feature-rich mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  3. QuickBooks Online Integration
  4. QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  5. GPS  location tracking
  6. Affordable ($20/month +$5 per employee – up to 100 users)


  1. General time tracking product. Not built specifically for construction and field service, although it can be used successfully by construction and field service companies.
  2. Cluttered web-based dashboard and workflow.
  3. Bulk discounts are available, but only over 100 employees.

2. ClockShark (disclaimer – that’s us):clockshark-logo-cr


  1. 100% cloud and mobile app-based with easy clean easy web-based dashboard.
  2. Easy mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile
  3. QuickBooks Online Integration
  4. GPS  location tracking
  5. Affordable ($25/month +$5 per employee, with bulk discounts available over 30 users)
  6. Designed specifically for construction and field service
  7. Budget tracking by job
  8. Schedule workers by job and send schedule to mobile app


  1. No goefencing feature yet. GPS locations are reported on a map, but jobsite locations are not fenced. This feature is planned for Fall 2015.

3. Exaktime:    2014_exaktime-logo


  1. Robust feature set
  2. Mobile apps
  3. GPS Tracking
  4. QuickBooks integration for Desktop QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online
  5. Physical hardware-based clocks available


  1. Expensive (pricing not published online – contact them for quote)

Exaktime and ClockShark are both TSheets Competitors to consider for your construction or field service business’s time tracking needs. All three companies offer great time tracking products, they just have different combinations of strengths, weaknesses and pricing model.


*Exaktime is a trademark of Exaktime, Inc. We are not affiliated with Exaktime. TSheets is a trademark of TSheets. We are not affiliated with TSheets.  


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