You’re sick of messy timesheets. But you need accurate time tracking. So it’s time you met ClockShark.

For field service and construction companies that want to get rid of paper timesheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that’s both powerful and easy to use.

easy to use time tracking

Stop Wondering When and Where Your Employees Worked

Companies with mobile workers want to get rid of paper timesheets and track time accurately, but most time trackers aren’t built for you.

ClockShark’s easy GPS mobile apps let you track time, location and job costs. Last week over one million hours were tracked on ClockShark by companies like yours.

More than one million hours were clocked on ClockShark last week alone

Five star rated on and in hundreds of reviews

hundreds of 5 star reviews

The Old Way

stop rounded timesheets

Paper timesheets are inaccurate & have rounded times

stop rounded timesheets

Time gets wasted tracking down missing or late timesheets

stop rounded timesheets

Even if the timesheets are there, they are often illegible & incomplete

stop rounded timesheets

There is no way to verify the information on a timesheet

paper timesheets are a mess

The New Way

stop rounded timesheets

Easy time tracking apps that work on any smartphone even without signal

stop rounded timesheets

See where workers have been on the map with GPSTrak technology

stop rounded timesheets

Share schedules, notes, files and photos from the office to the field and back instantly

stop rounded timesheets

See and edit everyone's timesheets on your mobile app or the web


Join thousands of field service and construction businesses by taking back control of your time tracking and scheduling

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Automate Your Time Tracking

Paper time cards are so yesterday. Making the move to automated time tracking will save you both time and money.

Our cloud-based mobile time clock system uses the latest mobile app and GPS technology (GPSTrak™) to automate time tracking in a simple, easy to use way that both your field and office staff will love.

Micah Nichols

We love ClockShark. It has saved us a lot of time and money overall in our construction business. We get real-time info with GPS locations and schedules to our guys in the field!

Micah Nichols – Rio Telecom Services – Albuquerque, NM

gps time clock screenshot
View and edit the times captured in the field. See where your workers were on a map.

Works across all devices

Mobile apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. You can login to the web-based administration dashboard from any computer from anywhere.

Since virtually any device can be used to capture time from the field, you won't need to purchase any special hardware. You can use the devices your people already carry.

Download mobile versions

ClockShark is a simple, affordable, and highly productive platform from which any small business can easily and quickly streamline time tracking.

Ben Hemberger, Benjamin and Co - Brunswick, ME

Cross Platform Mobile App works on all devices

Schedule your employees

Use the web-based drag and drop scheduler to easily schedule your employees for work.

Your employees get the schedule updates instantly on their mobile device, so when it's time to show up for work they'll know where and when to show up, plus what job to clock in to.

This is awesome. Everything is extremely easy to use and read. You guys really did a good job keeping it simple.

Josh Elsbernd, Fault Line Plumbing - SF Bay Area, CA

Employee Scheduling Tool
Schedule your workers from any computer. They'll see their schedule instantly on the mobile app.

Reports in real-time

Get real-time reporting on what's going on in the field. Now you can stop wondering about where everyone is and how much they're working.

Print PDF time card and job site reports or export the data in CSV/Excel format. See who's working now in real-time via your dashboard. Ahh, it's good to feel in charge again.

ClockShark has transformed keeping track of employee hours from a constant nightmare to an easy two to three click task. Printing timesheets for payroll couldn't be easier. Love it!

Rufus Howard, Lost Cow Home Maintenance & Repair - Pasco, WA

Time Card Reports
Generate clean reports in PDF or CSV/Excel showing time cards, job sites and more from any computer.

GPSTrak™ (GPS technology)

The GPSTrak™ feature shows you where each time clock punch occurred on an easy to read map.

Now you don't have to wonder if everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are punching in for work.

Jeff Miller

The system has changed a total mess into a lean machine. We're really impressed with how things are working out!

Jeff Miller - Miller Industries

GPSTrk GPS Technology
View the locations where your workers punched in and out on a simple map. Now you can stop guessing.

CrewClock™ Feature

With CrewClock™ a supervisor can clock in and out for other crew members from the mobile app.

Now you can easily track time for all of your workers or subs, even ones that do not carry smartphones. No more crumpled up, messy paper time cards for you!

Love it! Thank you for making my payroll easier and saving me time! I'll definitely recommend ClockShark to other companies we work with.

Jenny Williams - Chico, CA

CrewClock Feature
Clock in for everyone on one device using CrewClock™. Workers without smartphones can be tracked too.

GeoFences. Forget "forgetting".

With ClockShark's GPSFence™ geofencing technology, your employees will get a friendly reminder on their mobile device when they enter or leave your job sites. When employees clock in away from your jobs (or travel away from a job while clocked in) you'll be notified by email and on the timesheet. It's like magic.

ClockShark automates all the hard work of comparing your employees' locations to the locations of your Jobs. If there's something you need to look at, we'll tell you. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Julie Suiter

ClockShark has made a huge difference for our company. To begin with, time spent on payroll is about one-fourth of the time we used to spend. There is much more accuracy in all of records.

Julie Suiter - Thornock Building Group
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Automatically remind your employees to clock in or out near a job site.

Integrates with QuickBooks

Sync your jobs and service items from QuickBooks to ClockShark automatically. Employees can clock time to the jobs and service items. You can export time directly to QuickBooks.

Now you can pay your employees and bill your clients with a few clicks. Better yet, you'll know it's accurate! Whether you're using QuickBooks Online or a desktop version of QuickBooks, you're covered!

I have tested most, if not all of the time tracking apps on the Intuit app store and have found ClockShark to be the most versatile of any that I have tested.

Dino - Reno, NV (review from Intuit's

Import your jobs and service items, then export time directly to QuickBooks. No more double data entry!

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