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Partners Get the Following Benefits

Ready to earn as a reseller partner? Most consultants, bookeepers, CPAs, and ProAdvisors want to help their field service and construction clients succeed with the best app for their time tracking and scheduling challenges. But, it's also nice when hooking them up with the best app pays you money right? We get it. That's why when you refer a customer to ClockShark you'll get a whopping 30% of the sale on a recurring basis for as long as that customer uses ClockShark.

ClockShark is perfect for our electrical contracting business. It's ease of use is outstanding. Employees can get set up in a couple minutes, on their own from their phone. Clocking in/out and switching between jobs/ tasks are super easy - no special training needed. Payroll review and approval is now simple. The reporting / tracking features are valuable for our work, the customer service is great. -Review from Construction Office Manager via Intuit's Apps.com

You're ready to help your clients get awesome time tracking and scheduling, but want to make sure you understand the app so you can recommend it when it's a good fit, and skip it when it isn't. Sometimes ClockShark will be the best fit, and sometimes it won't be. You want to make sure your client can come to you for basic answers and you won't have to give them the deer in the headlights look. You want to make sure you are making a solid recommendation.

We've got you covered on free training on the ClockShark system and QuickBooks integration. We'll help you understand when it's a good fit and when it's not. We've also got a whole team of support reps that are fanatical about providing great support. So you can rest assured your customers will get the help they need to be successful and not have to rely on you to provide in-depth support. We've got that part covered, and will make sure your customers thank you for referring them.

As a CPA, QuickBooks Pro Advisor and owner of a HVAC Contracting company, I researched dozens of electronic time card apps before selecting ClockShark. This is the best QuickBooks interface I've ever used. -ProAdvisor Review from Intuit's Apps.com

As a partner, you'll get added to our Partner Directory as a trusted consultant, ProAdvisor, CPA or Bookeeper. We'' share your information with thousands of ClockShark customers as a pro that's familiar with ClockShark. If this part is not your cup of tea, no worries you can also opt-out of being listed as a trusted partner.

After our first full week of payroll we are impressed. Imports flawlessly. ClockShark's customer service is excellent. They are ready to help with any questions. -Construction Bookkeeper in Denver, CO via Intuit's Apps.com

Feature Four

You want your clients to be awesome at running their business, with a stack of the right apps. We get it. Not every client is the same, and the apps you direct them to will determine their success. At ClockShark, we're obsessed with providing the best GPS time tracking and scheduling for construction and field service businesses. Our goal is to be the absolute best choice in the world for those customers, but we might not be the best fit for every one. So when you refer a customer (or before you refer a customer) our team will help you or your customer assess whether ClockShark is the best fit.

ClockShark helps construction and field service companies track time in a way that's both enjoyable and super easy. One of the things we've heard from customersalong the way is that it has to be easy. Being easy to use is critical for field staff, and it's also important for the folks in the office. So, your clients are going to love ClockShark. They'll find it both super easy to use and super powerful at solving their time tracking and scheduling needs. Not all time trackers are easy and fun to setup and use.

Of course, as an Intuit Apps Partner, ClockShark connects to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Getting timesheets into QuickBooks and sharing Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Payroll Items with QuickBooks is easy and seamless.

I absolutely LOVE this app. The app keeps improving and the customer service is second to none. It has made my life much easier. Like my smart phone itself, I don't know how I got along without it. Great job. Keep up the good work. - Review from Intuit's Apps.com

3 Simple Steps to Get Started as a Partner

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Fill our a quick application to make sure you qualify to be a partner. Most professionals will qualify. ProAdvisors, Consultants, and Affiliate Marketers all make great partners and will generally be approved.

Get Approved

Within 1-2 business days your application will be reviewed and you'll receive a welcome email with instructions. Yep, it's quick!

Get Training and Start Referring Customers

One of our team members will contact you to offer free training resources to help you understand ClockShark, how it connects with QuickBooks, and which of your customers are the right fit. You'll get a partner link you can use to start referring customers and getting paid right away.