Quickly Review and Approve Hours with Employee Timesheet Approvals

When reviewing employee timesheets to run payroll for a specific pay period, you'll want a way to indicate that the hours are approved. With ClockShark's timesheet approvals, you can approve your employee's time after it's submitted. Make short work out of this arduous task, and designate managers with the permission to approve. Don’t worry about last minute edits either. Approved timesheets are safely locked against editing, which means that once they’re approved, the times they aren’t a changin’. Sorry, Bob Dylan.

Timesheet Approvals

Easily Review and Approve Each Timesheet

It’s never the wrong time to get ready for payroll. Approvals give you the visibility into each employee’s work week, and let you verify that each employee’s hours are allocated to the correct job and task. Once all the hours look correct, click “Approve” to lock the specific timesheet. Ready, set, go for payroll!

approve timesheets in a few clicks

The mobile app makes it insanely easy for my employees to track multiple jobs and job sites. I used to spend 6 hours a week deciphering time cards between 15 jobs and over 100 tasks. Now I spend 10 minutes because clockshark works so well with QuickBooks.

Review from Joshua D W. on g2crowd.com

Lock (and Load) Timesheets for Payroll

To protect against surprise, last-minute edits, approved timesheets are locked and can only be edited by administrators or managers with appropriate permissions. This allows you tighter control over timesheet entries as you get closer to payday. And don’t forget you always have an audit log that shows what happened and when. Our motto for approved timesheets is: here today, still here tomorrow.

approve timesheets lock time records for payroll

Finally a time recording app with GPS that works! We have tried numerous apps and most of them did not have all the features we need. ClockShark was the simplest implementation and it does what it promises.

Review from Kathy H. on g2crowd.com

Check for Labor and Policy Compliance

Are your employees required to clock out for lunch? Is there a company policy against working more than 8 hours on a day ending with “Y”? Scrutinize each employee’s timesheet for accuracy and policy compliance, and flag anything for later review. From the work day to payday, timesheet approvals help you make sure everything is recorded right.

Timesheet approvals help you stay compliant

ClockShark saves us a lot of staff hours to not have to manually enter time on each employee each week. This is especially true since we have to tie nearly all staff hours directly to the customer and job they were working on, which often is multiple jobs per employee per day. The app is easy to use, so our crew leaders are able to make sure their crew clocks in and out on the job, even when they're on the go and running from one job to another.

Review from Leslie M. on capterra.com

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