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Accurately Track Your Team's Time and Location

Start saving time and money by getting rid of paper timesheets and moving to ClockShark's automated time clock and GPS tracking.

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“The customer support for ClockShark is EXCEPTIONAL. There is always someone available to help if you have a problem or question to ask. They're not just available — they answer back in MINUTES!"

Lorraine T., Construction Administrator

ClockShark Pays for Itself Almost Immediately


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15 hours/mo

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40 hours/mo

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Meet ClockShark

Best-in-Class Timesheet and Location Tracking

ClockShark automates your workflow for managing remote teams.

Time Tracking

Makes 100% accurate timesheets easy

ClockShark's automated timesheets show you all of your job records in one place. So you can put an end to the mess, monotony, and costly mistakes of using a manual system.

  • Clock in & out from a computer, kiosk, or phone
  • Eliminate buddy-punching with AI-powered facial recognition
  • See who worked on what job and where — in real time

“ClockShark has paid for itself many times over every month by removing the time rounding that goes on with paper timecards.”

Scott H., Office Manager

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ClockShark Time Tracking

GPS Tracking & Geofencing

Real-time employee visibility

Enforce employee accountability with real-time visibility of where they are on the job site. And stop your team from stealing your time by controlling where they can clock in and out.

  • Get updates on your crew's location every 15 minutes
  • Receive alerts when employees try to clock in and out off-site
  • Show proof of work to customers or insurance companies

“ClockShark has become our eyes and ears at job sites, a fact that has curbed employee dishonesty and increased accountability.”

Susan S., Accounting Associate

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ClockShark Time Tracking

Why choose ClockShark?

Support in Under Three Minutes

Time is money and we don't want you to waste it. Get support in under 3 minutes.

Don't just take our word for it…


“ClockShark's best feature is the staff. They have fast response times. Their people are always courteous, helpful, supportive, and proactive. During the 5 months we have been using the program, someone from their staff will reach out through IM or email just to check in.”

Tommie R.
Office Manager

"Customer support was very helpful — even during our trial period. Multiple ClockShark team members reached out to answer all my questions."

Alfredo G.
Project Manager

“You're guided by your own personal team member who's there by your side every step of the way. You can reach out for support and they even randomly check in on you. I was able to do a screen share meeting once where they literally walked me through the site and physically showed me how to do things. ”

Melinda G.

“The customer support for this platform is EXCEPTIONAL. There is always someone available to help if you have a problem or need a question answered. They're not just available — they answer back in MINUTES!"

Lorraine T.
Construction Administrator

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Job Scheduling

Drag. Drop. Done.

Create schedules for your workers in minutes with a simple drag n' drop editor. Now your team can arrive on time, every time, every day. Without 15 frantic phone calls along the way.

  • Boost productivity by clocking in and viewing schedules in a single app
  • Cut out the phone calls with notifications of schedule updates
  • Finish work faster with all job info available at the click of a button

“Jobs are easy to schedule and the team can see their schedules right from their phones. It's no longer the time-consuming process it once was”.

Keiko Mcpherson, Pro Co Painting

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ClockShark Time Tracking

Payroll Integrations

Easily integrates with your accounting software

ClockShark's customizable reports and integrations reduce your time spent processing payroll by up to 30%. With the hours you save, ClockShark pays for itself — literally.

  • Run reports on your timesheets. Export the data. That's all.
  • Reduce payroll errors with accurate data down to the second
  • Calculate PTO, overtime, and sick pay in minutes

“We spent 10+ hours a week purely on timesheets and payroll. During our free trial we instantly saw a huge difference — now we get payroll done in 30 mins.”

Neal B., Project Manager, Casper Buiding Systems

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ClockShark Time Tracking

Customer success stories

The proof is in the profits

ClockShark boosts companies' growth by freeing up their time to focus on what moves the needle. Will yours be next?


Lost timesheet records
Underecorded billable hours
'Safe-guessing' worked hours

With ClockShark
(per month)

$1000 saved on payroll
10% recovered in billable hours
10 hours saved per employee


Zero accountability
Stressful payroll days
Employee dishonesty

With ClockShark
(per month)

14 hours less time on payroll
$250 saved on payroll
15 hours saved per employee

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