Set Up KioskClock™ in Five Steps

How to enable KioskClock™ for your crew

Enabling KioskClock™ for your employees is done through their employee settings. To set it up:

  1. Log into ClockShark on the internet.
  2. Navigate to the employee you want to have use KioskClock™.
  3. Scroll down to “Allow Clocking In Using KioskClock™ via Mobile” and check the box.
  4. Assign a four-digit PIN for them to use to clock in.
  5. Click “Update Employee”

Note: Within KioskClock™, there are two roles: Employee or administrator. Administrators can enter and exit KioskClock™ mode, while KioskClock™ users are only allowed to clock in and out using their PIN. You can set up these permissions by choosing them from the “Kiosk Role” drop-down on the employee settings page.

How to enable ClockShark’s facial recognition feature

Setting up facial recognition is super simple, too.

  1. Navigate to the employee you want to require facial recognition to clock in.
  2. Scroll down to “Require Photo Capture” and check the box.

Done! Now your employee’s photo will be snapped with each clock in. You’ll be able to view the photo capture from their timesheet and you’ll be alerted if the wrong person is photographed.

How can employees clock in and out using KioskClock™

After your employees receive their PINs, they can begin using the Kiosk time clock right away.

  1. Download ClockShark on the device you want your crews to use.
  2. Have your KioskClock™ Admin choose KioskClock™ from the side menu and enter their PIN to activate KioskClock™
  3. Have employees enter their 4-digit PIN to clock in
  4. Select the job and task they will be working on
  5. Add notes or attachments if desired
  6. Click Complete Clock In
  7. To clock out, employees just enter their PIN and click Clock Out

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