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Carolina Air Repair

Fueling Growth and Efficiency at Carolina Air Repair

Company Size

“When we started using ClockShark, we had four employees and have been able to grow to 20 employees in less than 11 months using ClockShark.”

Travis Tart, President
$3,000 - $3,500 in less than a year

Organizational Transformation and User-Friendly Software

Carolina Air Repair, Eastern North Carolina's local heating and air conditioning experts, faced significant organizational challenges. Travis Tart, the President, reflects on the pre-ClockShark era: "We knew what to do and how to do it, but we were lacking user-friendly software to help us see the growth we wanted to see." This all changed with the introduction of ClockShark. Tart enthusiastically notes, "All of our staff have found ClockShark to be a user-friendly software solution," attributing ClockShark to revolutionizing their operations and contributing to substantial growth.

Substantial Time and Cost Savings

The implementation of ClockShark at Carolina Air Repair has been nothing short of transformative. According to Tart, the company has saved around $3,000-3,500 in less than a year since they started using the software. He credits ClockShark with saving time and money through "seamless navigation, accurate time tracking, and efficient scheduling." ClockShark has not only streamlined its processes but has also positively impacted its bottom line.

A Strong Endorsement for ClockShark

For those considering ClockShark, Tart's recommendation is unequivocal. He reiterates, "All of our staff here at Carolina Air Repair have found ClockShark to be a user-friendly software solution." He labels ClockShark as a #GameChanger, underlining its role in revolutionizing Carolina Air Repair's operations and driving the company toward greater success.

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