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Track on-site hours effortlessly. Mobile time clock for busy field workers.

Crew members can use time-tracking software to clock in and out, track the tasks they’re doing for the job assigned to them, and send all that data to you automatically in seconds. All they need are their thumbs and the phone they’re already carrying.

Sync hours worked with tasks and jobs completed

Manual timesheets require workers to tediously record every task completed for each job they do. This often relies on their memory to recall the exact details at the end of the day. Mistakes are inevitable and can add thousands of dollars in “hidden costs” to your balance sheet.

A mobile time-clock app solves this problem. Before a worker can clock in, they’re prompted to choose the job they’re working on from a list of the current jobs available and select the task they’re going to tackle while on the clock. The tasks in the mobile app are the labor cost codes you prefilled.

Every minute your team works, it automatically syncs with the exact job and task they perform.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

Let multiple crew members clock in and out from a single mobile device

Some of your workers don’t have a mobile device and therefore can’t download a mobile time-clock app. And they don’t need to.

As long as just one team member has a mobile device, the Kiosk Clock option lets everyone else use the time-tracking software to clock in and out, switch tasks or jobs, and even take breaks.

Think of it as a mobile time clock. Instead of being mounted on a wall in a fixed location, it can travel with any crew member to any job site, still delivering all the essential timesheet data you need in real-time.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

Track multiple team members from a single crew timesheet

Some crews prefer not to track their own time. And they don’t have to.

The Crew Clock option allows supervisors and managers to clock in and out, switch tasks, and log breaks for every worker at any given job site. This is especially useful for working with subcontractors who aren’t regular employees.

You can clock in or out one crew member at a time or the entire crew simultaneously. Crew Clock puts on-site leaders in charge so everyone else can focus on getting their jobs done.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

Track crew locations on-clock, ensure privacy off-clock

You're responsible for knowing where your team is throughout the workday, especially when they’re working at multiple job sites. But you no longer have to make awkward phone calls or send unpleasant emails and texts.

ClockShark’s time-tracking software comes with a built-in GPS that captures your workers’ exact location each time they clock in, switch tasks and jobs, or take a break. It even shows you a “breadcrumb” trail of their past locations. And their location is updated continually for you to check at any point throughout the workday.

Once the crew clocks out, the GPS is automatically turned off, giving them complete privacy and peace of mind.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

Keep track of your team's hours with offline time tracking

Some job sites are located 100 miles from the nearest cell tower, and field crews can sometimes lose a signal while traveling around.

The ClockShark app will still track your crew hours and which jobs they completed, then sync the data with your dashboard automatically the moment they’re reconnected.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

Alert field teams to clock in and out with email and push notifications

Sometimes your crews start work without punching the clock or finish the job without punching out.

ClockShark’s mobile time clock lets you set reminders based on your team’s schedules to alert them when they forget to clock in or out or take a break. You can even notify them immediately after updating their schedule. Plus, crew members can customize these alerts and set their own.

Keep Track of Your Field Crews With Mobile Employee Time-Tracking App

How to get started with ClockShark's mobile time-tracking app

Download and install the app

Find ClockShark in your Google or Apple store, tap install, and you're ready to go!

Log in

Log in with your email and password, then grant location access (used only during work shifts). Easy!

Clock in

Clock in on the main screen, then choose your job and (optionally) your task. Boom, you're on!

FAQ about ClockShark's mobile time-clock app

How does ClockShark use mobile time tracking to ensure payroll accuracy?

Forget messy paper timesheets and payroll headaches! ClockShark makes sure your team gets paid for the hours they work and ensures you are billing your clients for the right labor costs.

Think of it like this: your team simply taps their phones to clock in and out at the jobsite. No more scribbling on paper, no more forgetting to punch in. This real-time data is like magic, eliminating human error and keeping things accurate.

But ClockShark goes even further. It can set invisible fences around work areas, so you know your team is where they're supposed to be. And if they're working on different projects, the app tracks their time for each one, making sure everyone gets paid for the right work.

As the boss, you get a real-time peek at everyone's timesheets. See who's working on what, where they are, and even how much overtime they've racked up. This lets you catch any mistakes before they turn into payroll disasters.

And speaking of overtime, ClockShark automatically flags it, making sure you're always paying the right amount. Plus, it works seamlessly with your existing payroll system, so no more manually copying numbers.

By combining real-time data capture, geofencing, task tracking, manager oversight, and seamless integration, it creates a watertight system that keeps your payroll squeaky clean and your team paid right every time.

What are the benefits of using ClockShark’s mobile time-clock app?

ClockShark's mobile app redefines time tracking for both crew members and employers, especially in the hustle and bustle of field service and construction.

For workers, it's all about convenience and accuracy. Clock in and out with a tap, track different jobs and tasks, and say goodbye to forgotten punches. The app even works offline, syncing your data automatically when you're back online.

Employers rejoice in simplified payroll, accurate job costs, and real-time insights into who's working and where. Schedule smarter, monitor productivity, and ditch the paperwork mountain—ClockShark streamlines workflows and boosts communication, making everyone's workday smoother.

Does the ClockShark mobile time-clock app require internet access?

No, you can clock in and out, start and end breaks, and even track your location with GPS even if you have no internet connection. The app stores your punches locally until you reconnect.

Is the mobile time-clock app legal to use?

Yes, but check your local labor laws for specific requirements regarding time tracking and employee privacy.

What devices does the ClockShark app work on?

The ClockShark mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Does ClockShark track workers' locations all the time?

By default, ClockShark only attempts to gather a GPS location at specific times: - When clocking in/out
- Starting/ending breaks (only upon starting the break, not during)
- Switching jobs/tasks

ClockShark does not track locations when workers are off the clock or on breaks.

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say.

ClockShark has changed my way of seeing time tracking software. It is powerful and easy to use. I like that it has its mobile application to use it in phones or on tablets. It works with integrated GPS and provides us with the easiest way to do administrative tasks for our employees.
Person Icon
Alexander A
"Being able to track/record the hours worked by each of my employees has been a great tool. And in different task categories is also useful as it relates to different parts of the invoice process with my customers. Now I dont have to text/email every time I am uncertain about something during their work day. (ex. How many hours on this job, how many hours doing this task, how many hours spent driving between jobs, etc etc)."
Person Icon
Jason W.
"We switched to ClockShark from their competitor Exaktime. Better features at one third the cost, what is not to love? I like the ability for our crews to upload photos directly to the job record, we use this instead of text messages to keep everything in one central location."
Person Icon
Mike O'Connell

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Shows each employee their schedule and updates it in real-time so they always know when and where to work.

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Time Off

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File Attachments

Share photos, files or job notes between the office and the field with file attachments.

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Clock Out Questions

Get important information from your team in the field when they clock out, and receive timely notifications of unexpected responses.

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Organize every contact, note, file, and conversation about your customers and maintain a smooth workflow of each project.

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User Interface

Displays a simple user interface with clear direction for non-technical employees to confidently track their time without training or experience.

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