Discuss Customers and Jobs in One Place With Conversations

Maintain a record of completed tasks and next steps with conversations

  • Update everyone on the progress of each job
  • Follow comment threads to get job updates
  • Centralize job and customer communications
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Conversations Gets Everyone on the Same Page for Quick Problem-Solving and Easy Project Management

Conversations allows office and field staff to discuss issues and solutions in real-time all in one place. Everyone involved with a customer or job can see the discussions, progress updates, and resolutions for each of them. Employees mentioned in Conversations will be notified to respond. And problems on the job such as our example above will be easy to resolve without playing a complicated game of phone tag.

Start (and Save) Conversations on Every Job and Customer

Are you used to managing projects through a complex web of texts, phone calls, emails, and scattered documents?

Conversations in ClockShark lets you systematically organize all communications about every job and customer in a single place.

Whether you’re using ClockShark on your desktop or smartphone, you only have to navigate to an active job or customer to start a conversation. Leave a simple comment and make internal communication across all departments seamless.

ClockShark Conversations - Start (and save) conversations on every job and customer

Collaborate With Other Employees Without Missing Anything Important

Solving issues with a job, finishing projects on time, and keeping customers satisfied depends on excellent collaboration between employees, which is hard to achieve when you communicate through many different channels.

Conversations lets you coordinate with any employee by mentioning specific people in comments, which notifies them to join the conversation and check out your message.

Updates on jobs, details about customers, next action steps for projects, and anything else can be discussed and catalogued to keep everyone up-to-date on progress or decisions made.

The best part is, those conversations are preserved for the life of the customer or job so you will always have records to refer back to.

ClockShar Conversations - Collaborate with other employees without missing anything important

Attach and Store Important Documents, Files, and Photos in One Place

Most jobs have a variety of attachments connected to them showing work completed and progress made, but are often scattered throughout folders, spreadsheets, and cameras.

Conversations allows field and office employees to upload files, photos, and other documents to a conversation about a job or customer by simply posting them in a comment.

Conversations automatically arranges all attachments for easy access and viewing, creating a living record of everything done for jobs and customers.

ClockShark Conersations - Attach and store important documents, files, and photos in one place

Receive Constant Updates for Any Conversation

When managing or working on a project, it’s usually necessary to stay informed about every update and next action step. But a lot can be missed when you have to rely on someone delivering you updates or if you have to seek them out yourself.

Conversations gives you the option of following comment threads to receive automatic updates anytime there’s a new comment, mention, or attachment.

This keeps you in the loop and lets you stay on top of important jobs.

And if (or when) you no longer need to be involved in a conversation, you can just as easily switch off automatic updates.

ClockShark Conversations - Receive constant updates for any conversation

Awesome Product for the Construction Industry

Overall I feel this product is wonderful! It has almost everything that we need for what we do in the Excavation, Demolition & Underground Utilities portion of the Construction industry that we are in. I looked and A LOT of different time keeping products and even used the free trials on a few... I am so happy that I ended up choosing this product in the end!
- Jessica T
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9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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Organize every contact, note, file, and conversation about your customers and maintain a smooth workflow of each project.

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