The new (better) way to manage your field team

The new (better) way to manage your field team

ClockShark makes it easy to see what's happening in the field, track time, manage jobs from start to finish, get paid, and support your hardworking team.

The new (better) way to manage your field team

Manage your field team in one place

Working in the field is tough. Everything is spread out across complex docs, text messages, emails, and unreadable timesheets. Things get lost, time on the job isn’t accurate, and you’re not billing jobs accurately.

When work is all over the place- you’re left feeling defeated, drained, and can’t keep your head above water.

Your company is scrambling to gather timesheets from your hard working employees, and it's difficult to match timesheets to jobs so you can close them out and get paid.

Or customers fight you to pay your invoice because you don’t have proof. Most field and construction management tools only make the problems worse. They get in your way, constantly disrupt your team's ability to get work done,plus they're slow and hard to use.

It all comes together with software designed for field service and construction teams to do business, see exactly where everyone is, understand how much time was spent per job, manage your teams schedule and timesheets, and make payroll a breeze.

This is the modern way to run your field business--the ClockShark way.

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Why ClockShark?

Work the way you want, with a modern set of workflow tools to keep track of customers, jobs, schedules, and timesheets to get you paid fast.

1. All-in-One Platform

From quoting to the moment you get paid, ClockShark brings together the data from your office and field teams into one solution and integrates with the software and tools you need.

Manage your field team in one place

2. Infuse Location Data

When you infuse location data into your work, every note, picture, message, and timesheet has more context and you can rest easy knowing your team is getting the work done.

Manage your field team in one place

3. Work in Real-Time

Instantly communicate with managers and crew members in the field in real-time. Make last minute changes to their schedules and deploy site-specific instructions to your crews right as they arrive at jobs.

Manage your field team in one place

4. Win More Business

This isn’t an easy time to run a business, but we’re here to help with over 7,000+ field service, construction, and contractors just like you that got rid of admin work, nailed their processes and now are winning more business.

Manage your field team in one place
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ClockShark isn't just for timesheets — it’s great for running your entire field service or construction business. By combining your company's communication, time tracking, CRM and job tracking in one place, your entire team can rally around a single platform everyday.

“I can't speak highly enough of this app. It's caused our productivity to shoot through the roof, and it's helped us make sure that we keep our projects in budget and on track." - Benjamin, via
“ClockShark implementation was extremely easy thanks to the great staff. I knew we were getting a great product after the demonstration, however, I had no idea actually how much time ClockShark would save us on the admin side." - user BKA1380 via
“The ClockShark app is great! It has helped my partner and I get a handle on how long projects take to complete so we can improve our quoting process." - StephenA via