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Painting COntractor Software

Trusted by more than 9,500 companies and over 100,000 field service and construction professionals worldwide.

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What Is Painting Contractor Software?

Software for painting companies is a technology that makes running a business easier. It helps streamline many areas of field service workflows, including labor tracking, job scheduling, billing, and customer relationship management (CRM). Whether you are a small business or a larger company, software for painting businesses is the key to staying competitive.

ClockShark Mobile Time Tracking - Sync hours worked with tasks and jobs completed

Keep track of your crew in the field

Get real-time updates on how much time your technicians are spending on each job, so you can track profitability and identify areas for improvement.

Employee Scheduling - Create and update work schedules from your phone or computer in minutes

Schedule jobs in minutes

Create work shifts and job schedules in minutes with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Automatically update your entire team about important changes to their work schedule with the scheduling app. 

Keep customer records in one place

Organize every contact, note, file, and conversation about your customers and maintain a smooth workflow of each project. 

Real-time, actionable reporting

Easily track and analyze data to monitor progress and make strategic decisions. Our reporting tool translates numbers into narratives to guide your business growth.

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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What Are the Benefits of Painting Business Software?

Painting companies face unique challenges and need to adapt to changing technologies and consumer demands while remaining profitable. 

ClockShark offers a solution for these businesses, providing detailed information and helping them optimize their processes. Our field service management software is designed for both residential and commercial painting contractors, allowing them to focus on business growth.

How Can ClockShark Help Me Grow My Painting Contracting Business?

From scheduling jobs and analyzing labor costs to sending invoices and running payroll, ClockShark has the tools you need to begin streamlining your painting company's operations right away.

Mobile Access for Improved Communication from Anywhere

With ClockShark, no matter where they are, your field crews can use their mobile devices and access everything they need to know about their jobs. This significantly reduces the risk of costly miscommunication or misunderstanding. 

The intuitive app is available on both iOS and Android, anyone can use it regardless of their technical knowledge. ClockShark also offers bilingual options so even your Spanish-speaking workers will enjoy the easy-to-use solution.

Time and Location Tracking for Accurate Records and Real-time Visibility

ClockShark allows painting companies to access real-time data of their team’s time and location, so you never have to worry about inaccurate timesheet data again.

With ClockShark, your team will get paid for every minute they work. The easy-to-use mobile app allows your technicians to clock in and out right from the jobsite. No more chasing down paper timesheets at the end of the week, with ClockShark you get 100% accurate timesheets, every time. 

With GPS tracking, painting companies can get valuable insights into their team's location while they are on the job. This enables precise estimations of labor costs and provides accurate data in case clients question the hours billed on the invoice.

Speed up your payroll process and ensure accurate time-tracking information for your technicians. 

Ensure Safety and Compliance With the Right Questions

Getting the answers you need from your team in the field can be difficult.

ClockShark’s Clock Out Questions gives you the ability to ask specific questions for each technician every time they clock out. You can ask questions about jobs or safety compliance and gather valuable information about your company. You can assign specific questions to particular teams or jobs and get notified if you receive any unusual responses. Answers can be automatically documented to provide proof of compliance.

Get Jobs Done on Time and Under Budget

Keeping track of all the jobs your crew is working on is difficult. 

ClockShark keeps communications open between the office and the field and allows your team to share updates and photos through their mobile devices. Customer information - including any special or particularly important notes - is stored in a central location, so technicians have everything they need to provide the best possible customer service.

Accurate Labor Costs for True Profit Margins of Each Job

With ClockShark, you have accurate records of how much time each technician spent on each job. With this data, it’s easier to track your profit margins and run reports to determine the real costs of each job, helping you mitigate cash flow problems in the future. 

With automated labor costing, you can minimize the chances of overlooking crucial details.

Streamline Accounting Procedures and Ensure Accuracy

ClockShark integrates with multiple accounting software solutions to make payroll a snap, including QuickBooks Online, ADP®, and Sage 100 Contractor.

You can seamlessly review and approve your crew's timesheets and export them into your accounting software, in just a few steps. With ClockShark, you can streamline your painting businesses and get greater control over your finances. 

Create Work Schedules in Minutes

When you have multiple jobs like painting contractors often do, you have to schedule your employees with this in mind. 

ClockShark’s easy drag-and-drop crew scheduling allows you to create, assign and make changes from any computer or mobile device. Your team can review their schedules at any time, and receive notifications of any shift updates.

Through their schedules, your technicians can pull up their job assignments and access all the information they need to do the job including the location, customer name, contact information, and job details. With ClockShark, you’ll never have to send emails or text messages with job updates again. 

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say.

"I save time every week with the drag n’ drop scheduling. Everything is laid out so nicely. The reports are way more simplified in comparison; they're cleaner and faster to browse and narrow down to the selection you need. I’m the estimator for the company, so I utilize the reports for job costing to make sure we’re profitable and help me more accurately estimate future projects."
Refined painting services in Gresham, OR
Tristan H.
Owner of Refined Painting Services
"We can always refer back to the locations on the timesheets and know exactly what jobs were done and how long our employees spent there. It’s helpful to use with our customers who aren't present in the home when work is being done. It makes them feel more comfortable when we can provide evidence of how long the workers were there and what was being done. It’s professional."
How Pro Co Painting Started Scheduling Like A Pro!
Keiko M.
Owner of Pro Co Painting
"ClockShark is built for construction and it shows. They understand time is money and jobs have deadlines. I can’t believe I used to spend so much time on timesheets and payroll."
Amy J.
Office Admin at Talbot Painting

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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