The often-forgotten obligations that get contractors into trouble

Do you understand the contractor’s obligations? Contractors have certain responsibilities and it’s important the contractor (and their construction team) understands what these are. These obligations include: Managing and supervising the project to ensure it is successful and: Is completed on time, unless the project is delayed by causes that the contractor had no control over and reasons which the contractor … Read More

The Anatomy of a Good Marketing Email

the anatomy of a good marketing email

Emails.  At one point or another, we’ve all heard the complaint about getting too many marketing emails yet, email remains one of the most commonly used forms of business communication. When it comes to marketing emails, three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI.  And on the flip side of that, 86% of consumers would like to … Read More

12 Proven Time Management Tips For Construction Project Managers

Many construction Project Managers appear not to have enough time in their day. They always seem stressed, harassed, and work excessively long hours. They seem to be always rushing around phone glued to their ear or attending meetings. Every day there seem to be new crises to deal with on their project. Is this you? But, there are a few … Read More

10 Commandments for Construction Project Managers


How many times have we started or finished a problem construction project just to realize the obvious painful truth? We didn’t do one or more important steps that we KNOW should never be neglected. We’ve learned this lesson before, but for some reason it’s happened again. For that reason, we’ve developed a list of the 10 Commandments for Construction Project … Read More

The Secret to Finishing Construction Projects On Time

Want to start finishing construction projects on time? So, you’ve just been given a new project to get started and manage. As the project manager, what goes through your head and how do you feel? Probably, like most of us, there’s a mild panic attack, butterflies in the stomach and trepidation. There’s also excitement and you want to get started. … Read More

Construction Sales Tax Woes: Overcoming It!

Construction sales tax is complicated! A really nice guy named Richard called us because he was awarded a construction project in California. He stated emphatically that he wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to do his job, comply with state tax law, and rest easy knowing that he covered both his bases and those of his client. As … Read More

High Employee Turnover? The Sooner You Know the Better

High employee turnover in construction and field service – are your workers deserting a sinking ship or are there other underlying problems? Some projects have a large turnover of employees with people continually leaving and new employees taking their place. Unfortunately, some managers have an attitude that it’s ‘good riddance’ and if someone wants to leave they should – and … Read More

Here’s a Checklist to Organize Your Construction Projects that Has Never Failed Yet

Finishing a construction project can be hectic and, sometimes, even chaotic. The project team is often focused on finishing the obvious work, while sometimes also being distracted by moving onto their next project. Unfortunately, in the rush to complete the project many small, but sometimes important, items are overlooked which could ultimately delay completing the project. In some cases, they … Read More