Don’t Screw Up Your Construction Insurance Claim! Four Common Mistakes

How to Succeed in Your Construction Insurance Claim Don’t let an insurable event leave you out of pocket I’m sure many of us have a bad story to tell about construction insurance claims that weren’t paid out or were only partly paid. But sometimes we are our own worst enemy because we didn’t read the fine print and failed to … Read More

Theft in Construction

One of our projects located in a remote area of a foreign country required twenty thousand cubic meters of concrete, which was produced from our concrete mixing plant on site. We transported the cement for the concrete in bulk from a factory six hours drive from the site, using two of our own cement tankers. We couldn’t seem to get … Read More

How To Find Inspiration That’ll Move The Needle For Your Business

The Doors made a Vox Continental combo organ sound cool.  Andy Warhol painted Campbell Soup cans that you could see at the supermarket every day.  And – did you know the Beatles were rejected by record labels who told them the guitar was dead?  Elvis wore flared-leg rhinestone jumpsuits. Some of the greatest stuff – EVER – has come from … Read More

Are You Ready For Your Project Meeting?

Construction projects should have regular meetings between the client and the contractor. A written record, or minutes, should be kept of these meetings. Project meetings are usually an opportunity for project progress to be discussed and various issues to be raised, discussed and hopefully resolved. The agenda on these meetings could include: Safety including recording incidents, concerns and possible risks. … Read More

Another 10 Ways To Improve Productivity

In our post ’10 tips to have construction productivity that you can be proud of’ we discussed how simple improvements in the way we do things on our construction projects can improve productivity. Even a 5% improvement in productivity could improve our profits by 20%. Have you put in place some of those tips and have they made a difference … Read More

5 Goal Setting Habits to Leave Behind in 2016

In a few short weeks, we will all be counting down to the New Year.  Businesses will be embarking on new goals, Facebook will explode with wishes for the New Year and retail stores will be filled with new athletic wear.  And for some reason, we all expect something different – something new – something special, to change when the … Read More

Practical Tips to Avoid Giving Bad Projects as Presents

Will your customer be satisfied with their project? Children in many parts of the world will be getting excited that Christmas is near. Time to receive presents. I’m sure we all remember receiving presents as kids – whether for Christmas, a birthday or another holiday occasion. There’s always the anticipation of what we’ll get, and the excitement of unwrapping the … Read More

The Secret To Quickbooks Connect Is Simply Connecting It All To Your Business

Have you ever been to Vegas? Do you remember your first time stepping into a casino? The flashing and ching-chinging of the slots are thrilling. Especially if you have never experienced it before.  That was QB Connect 2016 for me – big, bright and green.  Everything was green.  Walls were papered with QuickBooks Online signage showing satisfied users and banners … Read More

10 Tips For Pricing Your Next Project Successfully

Have you been awarded a project only to find that there were errors with your price? Maybe you misunderstood what was required, didn’t allow for difficult project conditions, misinterpreted the contract terms and conditions, possibly made a stupid arithmetic error, or assumed a material price instead of obtaining an accurate quote? But I’m sure just as often you were not … Read More

Expanding your Construction Business May Be Dangerous to your Profits

expanding construction business dangerous to profits

What a great month!  You dreamed, planned and worked hard for this.  You finally had more jobs than your small crew could handle.   This month you hired new crew members and you delegated job oversight to the crew leaders. You finally started  working ON your business instead of IN your business.  Now the sky is the limit, there is no … Read More