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Extreme Janitorial
Extreme Janitorial Saves Thousands with Better Time Tracking

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Over 9,500 teams are winning with ClockShark

Our Success Stories

Janitorial Service

Extreme Janitors

Extreme Janitors Saves Thousands with Better Time Tracking

Audio Visual Equipment

FYXX Entertainment

FYXX Entertainment Saves Hundreds Weekly Using Automated Time Tracking


Pro Co Painting

How Pro Co Painting Started Scheduling Like A Pro!

Lawn Care & Home Services

Chesapeake Lawn and Home

Streamlining Operations at Chesapeake Lawn and Home


Cassell Roofing

Transforming Time Management at Cassell Roofing

Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC

Tri-Quest Group

Transforming Time Management: Tri-Quest Group's Efficiency Overhaul

Residential building company

Nobu Constructions

Transformative Time Management at Nobu Constructions


Carolina Air Repair

Fueling Growth and Efficiency at Carolina Air Repair

Custom Home Builder

North Twin Builders

Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy at North Twin Builders

Specialty Fabrication Company

Kern Studios

Revolutionizing Workflow Dynamics at Kern Studios

CAVCO is a wholesale distributor of industrial and mechanical pipe, valves, and fittings.

Cavco Services

Cavco Services saves 3 hours a week on timekeeping and payroll with ClockShark


GroundWorks Landscaping Inc.

GroundWorks Landscaping Inc. saves $1,200 dollars a week on time tracking and payroll with ClockShark

Powder Coating & Engraving

Great Basin Coatings

Great Basin Coatings saves $300 dollars a month on payroll with ClockShark

Event Management

Two Eighteen

Two Eighteen saves 2 hours a week on payroll with ClockShark


Avalon Roofing & Exteriors

Avalon Roofing & Exteriors saves $200 a week with ClockShark

Construction & Remodeling

Martorano Construction

Martorano Construction Saves Time and Money on Payroll with ClockShark

Solar Energy Equipment

Urban Design Solar

Urban Design Solar Saves Thousands a Year in Payroll with A Time Tracking App

Metal Fabricator

Santa Barbara Forge

How Santa Barbara Forge Saved 3 Hours a Week on Payroll

General Contracting

Caspar Building Systems

Caspar Building Systems saves $12,000 a year with ClockShark


Allied Electric Inc

Allied Electric Inc: From Static Spreadsheets to Surging Software


Mabry's Electrical Service, Inc

Mabry’s Electrical Saves $400+ in the Details!

Property Management

12 Bridges Property & Estate Management

12 Bridges Builds Client Trust with Notes and Reports!

Solar Energy Equipment

Appalachian Renewable Power Systems

ARP Saves 27K+ In Workers Comp!


Refined Painting Services

Refined Painting Saves $400 a Month After Switching Software!

General Contracting

Bear Down Builders LLC

Building Businesses from the Ground Up

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"I love the GPS tracking feature that allows you to see where your employees are travelling while they are clocked in."

Laura T | Construction

We searched all over trying to find a user friendly software easy for all our employees to use. We're a general contractor and love the ease in tracking our employees time, job costing, and scheduling.

Farrah D | Construction

“The customer support for this program is EXCEPTIONAL. There is always someone available to help if there is a problem or you need a question answered. Not only are they available but they answer back within MINUTES!“

Lorraine T | Construction

"I love this software because it consolidates the time-keeping and payroll process. It simplifies something that can get overwhelming & helps us keep an eye on what jobs to bill for labor!"

Hayley L | Construction

"I like that you can change and adjust time and add notes and attachments if necessary. Employees can add a work order so I can bill customers immediately and cut the collection period."

Cathie E | Construction

"ClockShark has made tracking time for multiple jobs a breeze!"

Stephanie T | Plumbing and Heating

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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