The Best Web Punch Clock for Desk Employees

Allow your office workers to use a web punch clock to clock in and out, check their schedules, and submit time-off requests from any desktop

  • Save up to 8% on labor costs
  • Manage your whole team from one place
  • No training needed
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The Web Punch Clock Makes It a No-Brainer for Employees To Track Their Time

Office workers need only fire up a web browser from their computer (which they were going to do anyway) to access the time clock online from their desks and clock in and out without downloading any software or installing any equipment.

See What Your Employees Are Working on at Any Time of the Day

You can’t be everywhere to manage your whole team and keep track of what everyone is doing - especially when you have multiple work locations.

But ClockShark’s time clock software will show you what your administrative employees are working on throughout the day, including when they switched tasks and what they switched to, so you maintain a clear picture of how they’re spending their time.

Web Punch Clock - See What Your Employees Are Working on at Any Time of Day

Get Up and Running With No Training

Some web punch clocks are needlessly complicated and difficult to navigate, often requiring a little training or how-to guidance that makes getting started tracking employee hours challenging.

Learning how to use the time clock software will take your employees about 5 seconds (or less). They’ll almost instantly be able to log in and confidently begin using the online time tracker to clock in and out, log their breaks, and track the jobs and tasks they've worked on.

Web Punch Clock - Get Up and Running With No Training

Let Employees Check Their Schedules Right From the Web

A common cause of office unproductivity is a scattered mesh of different apps, programs, and files needed to manage their work and time.

The web punch clock puts their schedule and timesheet in the same place to access and use both with ease. Employees can see exactly what they did last week, what needs to be done in a month, and what they’re working on today in one app.

Web Punch Clock - Check Schedules and Timesheets
This software is great for understanding the effectiveness of your workforce and eliminating waste in labor costs, if given a minimum of attention. 5 or ten minutes a day of attention from one administrator has already saved my company lots of money
- Matt B.
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9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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Clock Out Questions

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