The Benefits Of Time-Tracking Software For Your Business

Messy, missing, and inaccurate time records cause you to spend a lot of unnecessary time and money, running payroll. If you haven’t yet automated your time tracking, you are missing out on the numerous benefits of time tracking for your business. Time tracking software will keep you competitive and profitable, and make growing your business even easier.

Why Is Time Tracking Important?

When you have remote employees, field workers, or multiple job sites, you can’t effectively monitor each job or employee because you can’t be everywhere, all the time. You must rely on the words and memories of your workers for each job, which reduces the quality of visibility you have of your overall organization.

Employee time tracking improves this visibility so you can clearly see what’s happening, where, when, and with whom throughout each workday, so you can make smarter decisions to grow your business.

What are the Benefits of Time Tracking?

Ultimately, tracking your crew’ times will save you money, but there are far more benefits of employee time tracking than that. As companies across the globe start automating processes, it becomes increasingly necessary to start adopting automation tools, to reap the benefits of time-tracking software.

1. Accurate Billing 

Relying on paper timesheets or outdated time tracking practices increases your risk of inaccurate billing and, thus, late payments. Time-tracking software gives you real-time visibility into how long each worker spent on each job and each individual task. With the ability to attach documentation and photographs of completed work, your customers can feel confident in the bills they receive from your company.

2. Increases Accountability

Very few construction projects are finished on time and on budget, particularly for larger ones. With little to no oversight, it’s difficult to manage field service personnel in a way that makes their jobs easier and improves customer experience.

With time-tracking software, your workers are more inclined to do their best work. In cases where employees may be struggling with a particular task or job, you’ll be able to identify weak spots so you can either put a different employee on that job/task, or provide the right training to empower your workers.

3. Better Project Management

Project Management is notoriously difficult without the right tools in place. You have a lot of moving parts - from suppliers and subs to your crews and customers. Time-tracking software helps you pre-plan in a more efficient way and monitor jobs as they progress.

If you have multiple projects happening at once, time tracking gives you the ability to know which workers are at which locations and doing which jobs, so you can better schedule them.

4. Improves Profitability

If you’re not tracking your employees’ times accurately, you’re likely not paying accurately, either. When you can review cost and profit reports with accurate time records, you will have a better understanding of where the hours are going. Timesheet rounding and guessing work hours can also cost your company each pay period. Accurate timesheets ensure they’re getting paid the right amount for every minute they work, plus you can stay on top of overtime to cut down on unintentional, unwanted labor costs.

5. Create Better Workflows 

When employees know what’s scheduled and expected of them, and how long it’s supposed to take, they’re able to better manage each step of the project, and you’re better able to determine which workflows are better for each employee and each job. For example, if you have one worker who is in charge of one step of the project, and another who’s responsible for the next one, time tracking helps you schedule the right times and tasks for each one.

6. Better Job Costing

Inaccurate time information leads to inaccurate job costing and inaccurate job costing costs you money. When you’re able to review time reports from time tracking, you’ll have a better and far more accurate picture of how long it takes your workers to complete a job or task.

7. Faster, More Accurate Payroll

Another benefit of automated time tracking is being able to quickly import employees’ timesheet details and run payroll - with accurate time records - into your accounting system to run payroll in minutes.

Who Is Time-Tracking Software For?

Time tracking is crucial for all companies in all industries, but it’s particularly useful for companies that have field crews or multiple locations. If you have employees that travel, time tracking increases the accuracy of your travel costs.

Contractors and service professionals need accurate time records for business functions unique to their organizations such as job costing, certified payroll, and project management.

Construction Trades

Construction companies, contractors, and subcontractors in the trades depend on accurate time tracking to pay their employees correctly and to track job costs. Construction projects frequently have different types of workers doing different jobs. One of the benefits of employee task and time tracking software is being able to see who did what job, when, and how long it took them.

Learn more about time tracking for construction trades

Cleaning Companies

Janitorial and cleaning companies have employees in the field going from job to job. Time tracking software helps you keep track of where your crews are and how long the job took them to do. They can also share photos of completed work so you have a record of the job being done.

Learn more about time tracking for cleaning companies


Healthcare professionals must take quality care of each of their patients. Time tracking for healthcare workers helps you stay on top of how long your employees spent with their patients and what kind of care was provided. Since all data from ClockShark is encrypted, it aligns with HIPPA rules and regulations, as well.

Learn more about time tracking for healthcare providers


A simple solution for franchisees who have multiple locations is mobile time-tracking software. It allows you to see what’s happening in real-time throughout your business locations, no matter where you are. 

Learn more about time tracking for franchises


Nonprofits rely on accuracy and accountability. Time tracking technology increases both of these, and makes running reports and keeping accurate records, even easier.

Learn more about time tracking for nonprofits

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Pool and Landscaping

With multiple workers in the field, time tracking software allows you to easily determine which employees are at which worksite. In the event that you get an emergency call, your response times are much faster when you can pull up a map to see which employee is the closest one.

Learn more about time tracking for pool and landscaping companies

Accountants and Bookkeepers

When you have multiple jobs and clients, it’s easier to keep track of how much time is spent on each one, when you have time tracking software. Accountants and bookkeepers need access to reports and automated time tracking is an excellent way to run them. Plus, time tracker software can integrate with your payroll software, making payroll faster and easier.

Learn more about time tracking for accountants and bookkeepers

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agents are frequently on the go, and it’s tough to manage schedules without phone calls and texts. However, the time card app puts their schedules in the palm of their hands so they can see where they’re supposed to be and when. 

Learn more about time tracking for real estate agencies

Staffing and Event Companies

Planning large events is a very tedious job, and it’s challenging to get all of your employees in the right place, at the right time. When you have events or staff that frequently change, it’s good to have a timesheet app that scales with your business. Time tracking gives you clear visibility into your company and your crews.

Learn more about time tracking for staffing and event companies

Audio and Video Technology 

Spend less time scheduling and more time growing your company. Audio and video technology companies can respond much faster to customer calls and easily adjust schedules with time tracking automation. 

Learn more about time tracking for audio and technology companies

Introducing Time Tracking To Your Employees

As with any new tool, there is a learning curve and, in some cases, potential pushback from your workers. However, the likelihood of this can be reduced if you introduce time tracking to your employees in the most productive way.

In our experience, very few employees resent the adoption of time tracking as long as their questions are answered, and they understand how the technology is going to make their jobs easier and improve the company overall.

We recommend six best practices for introducing time tracking to your employees:

  1. Don’t assume they won’t like it
  2. Don’t view GPS tracking as “spying”
  3. Don’t assume employees will struggle with accepting it
  4. Listen to your employees’ feedback
  5. Familiarize yourself with the most common concerns and/or myths
  6. Build your case, so you have a fair, well-informed way to introduce your workers

Adopting technology to improve your company and enjoy the benefits of automated time tracking, doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. Simple time tracking is a quick, simple way to start your digital transformation.

Save Time and Money with ClockShark

ClockShark is tailored to the construction and field service industries’ unique needs. You can begin tracking time in minutes with ClockShark, and start saving time and money immediately.

Time Tracking With Clockshark 

Three are no shortages of time tracking tools available - from free to exorbitantly priced - and while all will provide the ability for you to track employee time, some are either too complicated or don’t offer the right features for your mobile employees.

ClockShark is so easy to use, even your less tech-savvy crew members will find clocking in and out easy. With multiple time tracking options, your team can clock in and out from a computer, kiosks, or phone. ClockShark is made to accommodate all of your employees, no matter where they are.

You won’t be left hanging with ClockShark, either. Stellar customer support with live help will be there for you within minutes if you have any questions or concerns and you’ll immediately begin to see how much more accurate your timesheets are.

With 100% accurate timesheets, comes accurate job costing, so you know - in real-time - how much you’re really spending on each job. Your employees will be more accountable because they know their time is being tracked.

Paper timesheets are a thing of the past and automated time tracking is what many of today’s successful companies are using to stay competitive and profitable.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Time Tracking Today

We know there are a lot of time tracking solutions for you to try but we are confident our time-tracking software will be so easy for you and your crews to use, you’ll begin enjoying the benefits of it almost immediately.

Sign up for your free trial to see why ClockShark is the best time-tracking solution for the construction and field service industries.

Benefits of time-tracking software

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