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Cassell Roofing

Transforming Time Management at Cassell Roofing

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"Reports give me the hours AND location of projects."

Pat, Company Administrator
75% Time Reclaimed

Efficient Time Tracking and Precise Project Monitoring

Before ClockShark, Cassell Roofing faced challenges with the timely submission of time cards and tracking crew locations. After adopting ClockShark, these challenges were resolved effectively. Pat, the Company Administrator, expresses relief: "Reports give me the hours AND location of projects." These reports have been pivotal in enhancing the time and workforce management at Cassell Roofing.

Significant Reduction in Administrative Burden

The adoption of ClockShark has brought about a considerable change in the way Cassell Roofing handles administrative tasks. Pat saves "Approx 75%," of his time since using ClockShark. This considerable saving has positively impacted business goals and objectives, leading to greater focus on essential business activities and more accurate project management.

Addressing Initial Concerns and Embracing Efficiency

Initially, there were concerns about the crew’s perception of being constantly monitored. Pat tackled this by reassuring the team, "I advised them I wasn't interested," in tracking them all the time and simplifying operational processes. Pat’s favorite feature of ClockShark is its reporting capabilities, which have proven crucial in simplifying and improving efficiency.

Pat’s Recommendation

For those considering ClockShark, Pat’s advice is straightforward and enthusiastic: "DO IT!!!!!"

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