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Chesapeake Lawn and Home

Streamlining Operations at Chesapeake Lawn and Home

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"Customer service/Representative they go overboard to make sure everything is up and running. They are with you step by step."

Claudia Hollis, President
$100's Saved Monthly

Integrating Payroll and Time Tracking

Claudia at Chesapeake Lawn and Home previously struggled with software that failed to integrate properly with QuickBooks for payroll. "Software was unable to integrate with QuickBooks," she recalls. This caused major headaches when processing payroll for the company's 10 employees.

ClockShark provided the seamless QuickBooks integration Claudia needed. "Integrate with QuickBooks at the press of a button," she says. This simple integration streamlined payroll workflows immensely.

Easy Time Tracking for Mobile Crews

With lawn care crews constantly on the move, tracking time accurately was a challenge. ClockShark's mobile timekeeping solution made it simple. "Timekeeping is so easy," says Claudia. Crews can quickly clock in/out from their phones, allowing Claudia to effortlessly monitor hours.

Claudia estimates ClockShark saves "hundreds of dollars each month" through integrated payroll processing and accurate mobile time tracking for her field staff.

Standout Support

While adopting new software can be daunting, Claudia had no concerns thanks to ClockShark's exceptional customer support. Her favorite feature? "Customer support from ClockShark!!!!" She adds "They are with you step by step" to ensure a smooth transition.

For companies like Chesapeake Lawn and Home with mobile workforces, ClockShark provides critical time tracking, payroll integration, and world-class support. As Claudia puts it "Go for it, easy to use."

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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