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When I was running a 40+ person construction company, it hit me that losing money with paper time cards was crazy. Our time cards were rounded and totally inaccurate! Luckily, I finally found a way to stop that paper mess, and was able to start paying and job costing accurately on every payroll.

Hi, my name is Cliff Mitchell and I spent years struggling with tracking time in our construction business. You may know how it feels to spend hours deciphering sloppy time cards and lose money due to "rounding errors" and other inaccuracies. At one time I thought there wasn't much I could do about it. I just wanted to make sure my employees were paid correctly and on-time, but I was beyond frustrated with the sloppy, rounded time cards. I wanted everything to be 100% fair.

Luckily, I finally learned how to use smartphones, tablets and the internet to easily and accurately track time, pay employees, and job cost. Sorry to say, I first spent thousands of dollars on hardware and software licenses for over-priced and over-hyped time tracking solutions that never really nailed the problem. So I built something better...

Prior experience running a construction company taught us that businesses with mobile employees have a real challenge collecting time and attendance data. It's an inaccurate and costly problem. Not to mention, communicating constantly changing schedules to field employees is time consuming. ClockShark automates these tedious, inaccurate processes that you may still be doing using paper timesheets and phone calls.

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