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“One of the biggest headaches when we were running a construction company was tracking our crews' hours for payroll. We wasted hours on every payroll tracking down timesheets, and combating time theft. We felt frustrated and ripped off. We understand how it feels to lose your money and waste your time on frustrating and inaccurate timesheets. So we built ClockShark to solve the problem!”

-Cliff Mitchell, CEO and Co-founder

Our Mission

We exist to give businesses back the valuable time and money they need to grow and succeed, and improve the lives of the people that run them.

Our Values

Build An Amazing Product

We’re crazy-focused on creating an elegant, easy to use product that users love.

Be Better Than Yesterday

We’re obsessed with continuous learning and improvement. Every day we strive to further our knowledge so we can improve the product as quickly as possible.

Give Ridiculously Good Support

We’re dedicated to helping you become a time tracking superhero. Our 5-star rated support team will bend over backwards on every phone call, chat or email and won’t stop helping until you succeed.

Over 5,000+ Companies Nail Their Time Tracking with ClockShark

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