Alternative to TSheets Time Clock Software: ClockShark

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Looking for an alternative to TSheets time clock software? ClockShark is a new web and mobile app alternative to TSheets, built specifically for construction companies, available now. You can get a 14-day free trial by visiting

What are the main differences between TSheets and ClockShark? Both software apps exist to solve the same problem (time tracking for payroll), but they do have some distinct differences. Let’s briefly go over some similarities and differences to help you decide which app is right for your company. For full disclosure purposes, I am the Co-Founder of ClockShark, (so I am biased) but will try to present an fair overview of both apps.

Alternative to TSheets: ClockShark

ClockShark’s mobile app for iOS.

First, let’s go over some similarities. Since ClockShark was designed as an alternative to TSheets it shares many of the features TSheets offers in terms of time tracking and administrative reporting. ClockShark and TSheets each offer nice mobile apps that give companies the ability to place a time clock in each employee’s pocket. The mobile app from both TSheets and ClockShark allow employees the ability to punch in and punch out, switch job codes while working, switch tasks while working, and attach notes to the shift (for example “I just noticed I clocked in 10 minutes early, sorry”). Both ClockShark and TSheets feature simple to use editing interfaces on the web that allow the payroll person (or manager)  to view/edit all of the worked times punched by the mobile apps on the mobile app on employees’ phones. The payroll person can then easily view the times punched by any employee on any jobsite for any date period. Since employees often make time clock errors , the payroll person can easily edit punched time, or add punched time manually.  ClockShark and TSheets both offer a great set of reporting features so you can generate reports by jobsite or by employee for purposes of running payroll and/or for research purposes. The available reports on both systems are fairly flexible and can be used to generate payroll and for job costing and/or estimating purposes. As an example, you could easily run a report for a particular job, showing the hours worked during a range of dates. Both software systems offer GPS reporting of the locations where workers punch in from. Each punch( in or out)  is recorded along with GPS location. This GPS feature helps assure your workers are where they should be when clocking in and out by showing you on a map where the punches occurred.

As an alternative to TSheets, ClockShark sets out to solve many of the same problems – but there are some important differences!

Here a few of the differences. As an alternative to TSheets, ClockShark set out to solve the same basic business problem that TSheets solves, but the two apps have some distinct differences (aka strengths and weaknesses!). The most important difference is that ClockShark is designed specifically for construction companies. TSheets has many construction customers, but the app is a general time tracking app designed for a broader audience.

Although ClockShark offers some construction specific features that TSheets doesn’t offer (we’ll cover these momentarily), TSheets overall has more features and modules than ClockShark.

Alternative to TSheets: ClockShark

TSheets Mobile App for Android

But, we don’t think most construction businesses need all the features and customization abilities that TSheets has. On the contrary, we think that all these features and customization abilities create problems by making the product overly complex, making the interface crowded and ugly, and overall make the product hard to understand and hard to setup. ClockShark offers fewer features, fewer reports and fewer modules, while still providing the main time tracking features and reports that most construction companies need. TSheets offers some advanced features such as Quickbooks integration, that will be available in an upcoming version of ClockShark, but are not yet available. (2015 Update – QuickBooks Desktop Versions and QuickBooks Online integrations are now available!) Since most small and mid-sized construction businesses use Quickbooks for payroll and/or accounting, this integration is notable as a desirable feature. On the other hand, businesses that use Quickbooks can still use the printable (PDF ) time card and jobsite reports in ClockShark to key in the total hours and run their payroll and job costing in Quickbooks just like they would with the integration.

Now let’s cover some of the differences that are specific to construction. ClockShark offers a budgeting feature that allows you to setup your jobs with a labor budget, then that labor budget is depleted as employees work. This is something that as a construction manager I always wanted, the easy ability to see in real-time exactly how much labor had been used on each of the many jobs I had in progress and most importantly how much of the labor budget is left.

Unlike TSheets, ClockShark also offers an employee scheduler. The scheduler allows schedules to be entered via the web app that can be viewed immediately on the mobile app by the employee. Scheduling by job site is supported, so employees can be placed on different jobs on different days or different jobs throughout the day. ClockShark also offers emailed alerts when worked times deviate from the schedule, such as late employees, employees that work when they are not scheduled, and employees that are working overtime.

That’s a basic comparison of ClockShark as an alternative to TSheets. I hope it has provided some helpful info for you.

You can get a learn more about ClockShark and get a 14-day free trial here!


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