Zapier + ClockShark: Connect Your Business to 1000’s of Apps

ClockShark now integrates with Zapier
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We are excited to announce that ClockShark now integrates with Zapier, a leading workflow automation tool. With Zapier, you can connect ClockShark to other software apps to make your work day easier and lighter.

How Does Zapier Work?

Zapier allows users to create automated workflows. A zap is a sequence of events, each one causing another event to happen.

Think of it like this: have you ever knocked over a line of dominoes? Yes, we know. It’s a lot of fun, but that’s exactly how Zapier works. You get to connect the software programs you use (your Gmail account, your ClockShark account, etc.) and create a high-tech row of dominoes.

Oh, and you know the first domino that falls and causes the rest to tip over? That’s called a trigger in Zapier. A trigger is the first event that happens in a zap, and it causes actions to happen.

How Does ClockShark Work with Zapier?

The ClockShark-Zapier integration allows you to connect ClockShark to 1000’s of different apps to automate tedious tasks you find yourself doing every day.

For example, if you keep a Google Sheets spreadsheet of all of your construction clients, you probably find yourself entering job names twice. With Zapier on your side, you can customize an automatic workflow so that adding a new job in a Google Sheets spreadsheet triggers ClockShark to create a new job.

Or maybe you’d like to create something new that you’ve never tried before. Like receiving an email alert each time an employee clocks into work for the day. Using Zapier, you can arrange for Gmail to send you an email each time ClockShark records a new clock-in.

The possibilities are endless! If you can think of it in ClockShark, you can probably do it with Zapier.

How Do I Get Started with ClockShark and Zapier?

If you’re ready to get started using Zapier for your company, you can get set up here. The best part is that Zapier offers free accounts to start. You can upgrade later if you want to use more of the features. To summarize: you can use this free integration with a free Zapier account to free yourself from tedious tasks and simplify running your business. What are you waiting for?  

Get started using Zapier with ClockShark.

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