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ClockShark offers a QuickBooks Compatible Online Time Clock.

ClockShark’s Online Time Clock is compatible with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions such as Pro, Contractor Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Quickbooks and ClockShark’s Integration

ClockShark’s Online Time Clock uses mobile apps to collect time from your employees. Employees can punch in and out for work from their smartphones. They can select a job and task when clocking in. They can also add notes to their time card. Time clock punches sync in real-time to your web-based ClockShark dashboard.


On the web-based dashboard, you can view and edit your time clock punches, then export them to QuickBooks Online, or to QuickBooks desktop. The integration with QuickBooks also allows you add jobs and service items in QuickBooks, then have them automatically available to clock into. This automation helps eliminate your double-data entry and streamline your process.


ClockShark’s Online Time Clock is also GPS enabled. So your worker’s time clock punches will be recorded with their location. This GPS aspect of ClockShark data does not export to QuickBooks since GPS data is not compatible or needed in QuickBooks like time and job data is.

The Set up

Setting up the QuickBooks Compatible Online Time Clock integration in ClockShark is easy. If you’re using QuickBooks Online you just need to visit your QuickBooks screen in ClockShark (under the Admin menu), and then press the Connect to QuickBooks Online button. The system will walk you through the connection process, which takes just a few minutes.

Once connected to QuickBooks Online, ClockShark will walk you through a mapping process to connect your jobs, customers and service items in QuickBooks Online. These mappings are how ClockShark knows where in QuickBooks to export your time clock times to.

If you are using a desktop version of QuickBooks, such as Pro or Contractor Edition, then setting up the time clock integration is a bit different. You’ll still start from the QuickBooks screen in ClockShark. Choose the option Connect to QuickBooks Desktop. You’ll be guided through a process that starts with downloading the QuickBooks Web Connector. Next, you’ll download a configuration file for the Web Connector. Next, you’ll do a mapping process in ClockShark that is similar to the one we discussed previously for QuickBooks Online.

After you’ve connected QuickBooks to ClockShark’s Online Time Clock system, you are ready to start your employees clocking in and out!  When you add your employees to ClockShark they will get an email with their username and password for ClockShark, plus the links to download the time clock mobile app. They’ll just need to download the ClockShark mobile app to their smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play (for their Android device). Once they’ve download the app they can start using the time clock in the app to clock in.

Times will be uploaded in real-time to the web-based dashboard. There you’ll be able to review and edit time, plus review any notes made by the employees. When you are ready to run payroll, you can easily export the time to QuickBooks. Just press the Export to QuickBooks Button. That’s a quick overview of the QuickBooks Compatible Online Time Clock in ClockShark.

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