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ClockShark's QuickBooks Time Tracking integration cuts your time spent on payroll in half. The two-way sync makes your QuickBooks data available in ClockShark, and vice-versa. Now you have everything you need for time tracking, payroll, and job costing in one place. Most importantly, your job just got way easier. Yeah, you are pretty awesome.

QuickBooks Integrations

ClockShark is the #1 Time Tracking App For Construction and Field Service

For field service and construction companies who want to get rid of paper timesheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that's both powerful and easy to use. ClockShark's GPS mobile apps let you track time, schedule employees, view employee locations and categorize job costs in a central web-based dashboard. You can see everything in real time. ClockShark makes your payroll painless and accurate. It also makes getting schedules to employees in the field fast and easy.

Mobile time tracking for construction and field service companies

QuickBooks. Smart business tools for the world's hardest workers.

Make organization easy. We don't expect you to be an accounting expert. That’s why QuickBooks helps keep everything organized in one place. And, if you have an accountant, share your books for seamless collaboration.

Keep more of what you earn. Powerful invoicing with custom reminders, tracking, and direct deposit puts less time between you and your money. Plus with dozens of reports, you'll always know where your business stands.

HR and payroll

Timesheets Go Into QuickBooks Like Magic. Poof!

Employees clock in and out. You review the timesheets and make any needed edits. Then, just press the Export to QuickBooks button. That magic button moves all of your timesheets for the payroll period into QuickBooks, automatically. A little magic never hurt anybody.

Export time tracking data to QuickBooks from ClockShark

I work as an independent contractor for a commercial real estate company and have to invoice each property separately each week. This app saves me a ton of time. And it exports right into QuickBooks! Love it!

Review from Mitd on Intuit's Apps.com

Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Employees Import Automatically

It seems like everything in life is getting automated. Why not automatically import Employees, Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Employees from QuickBooks right into your fancy new mobile time tracking system? Wish no more. Every 60 minutes, we'll check your QuickBooks for new items and import them. It's QuickBooks time tracking to die for.

Import your QuickBooks data into ClockShark

This app works great. Its easy to figure out and seamlessly pushes and pulls from QuickBooks Online. These guys have it figured out!

Review from GlacierMatt on Intuit's Apps.com

Enter Once. Done

Double data entry is a waste of time. No one likes inefficiency. With ClockShark your time tracking data is automatically sent to QuickBooks. No more double data entry. No more inefficiency. Your payroll and job costing just got faster. You're going to save a lot of money on Tylenol.

ClockSharks Time Tracking data syncs with QuickBooks

WoW! That sums up my experience using ClockShark. Employees appreciate the user friendly app and simple clock punches. I use QuickBooks and payroll couldn't get any easier! Luke and Cliff are customer obsessed; expect superior customer service!

Review from Ann69 on Intuit's Apps.com

Fewer Errors. More Sleep.

Data entry errors are a big problem. When your time tracking software says one thing and your accounting software says something else, how do you tell which one is right? That's not a problem you'll have anymore. The cross-syncing integration between ClockShark and QuickBooks means data entry errors are a thing of the past. Rest easy knowing that all your information is accurate and consistent.

Everything stays synced between QuickBooks and ClockShark

ClockShark is a time saver. It used to take me hours, sometimes days, to get all the timesheets organized and printed and imported into QuickBooks. But now with ClockShark it is a couple clicks and they are imported into QuickBooks. Good Job!!!

Review from Brenda60 on Intuit's Apps.com

Works with QuickBooks Online and Desktop QuickBooks

ClockShark integrates with both QuickBooks Online and the Desktop version of QuickBooks. So, you have a copy of QuickBooks Pro from 2006 installed on a 10-year-old computer? We can work with that. Or are you using the latest and greatest cloud-based version of QuickBooks Online? We're good with that, too. If it works for you, it works with us.

ClockShark syncs with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop

Other time tracking applications seemed too complicated and did not fulfill our needs as a commercial contractor. I find the ClockShark time tracking system to be very user friendly for both the office administration people and the employees. The integration with our QuickBooks software was also seamless. We would highly recommend this time tracking system.

Review from Jennifer Barber at Gais Construction Inc. on capterra.com

Job Costing via QuickBooks Desktop is Automatic

If you're running a desktop version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll, you can job cost your payroll automatically. We'll fill out the employee timesheet entries in QuickBooks with the correct Customer: Job, Service Item and Payroll Items. All you do is press the button to run payroll. Picture your new payroll process. It's a good look for you!

Time Tracking with ClockShark and QuickBooks makes job costing a breeze

We went with ClockShark, after reviewing several time management and scheduling software packages, for several reasons. Roll-out was amazingly simple for a crew of 15 workers and the time to link jobs, employees and QuickBooks together was minimal. The reporting from ClockShark has allowed us to quickly diffuse billing issues and it's always fun to tell a GC that my guys have been onsite since 6:46am (based on a quick scan of the GPS clock-in) when they're too lazy to get out their trailer to see if their subs are there! I have recommended (and will continue to recommend) ClockShark to all my fellow construction partners. You can't go wrong with their product.

Review from Bevan Harms at Southern Painting on capterra.com

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors Got Your Back

We've got Instructions, videos, and help docs to get you integrated with QuickBooks fast. If you prefer talking to a human, let's do it! We're available through email, live chat, and phone. Our team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors is certified by Intuit, so you'll never hear “that's a QuickBooks problem.” Our legendary service isn't all you have supporting you. If your QuickBooks issues run a bit deeper, we can refer you to a partner bookkeeper or accounting professional from our network of Certified Sharks. Think of it as your own personal army. An army of bean counters, but an army nonetheless.

Customer Success is Priority Number 1

I had a few issues when I switched from Desktop QuickBooks to Online QuickBooks, and then back again. They were able to fix everything and went beyond! Their app is easy to use. I am able to keep track of my employees , even seeing where they are up to the minute. Payroll and time tracking has become much easier since using this app. I would recommend this, give it a try. You will be happy, so many features.

Review from James Dougherty at James Dougherty Electric INC. on capterra.com

QuickBooks Time Tracking That's Powerful and Easy To Use

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