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Try Free For 14 Days
Risk Free. No Credit Card Needed.

Every ClockShark Plan Includes:

  •   Time & Attendance Tracking

  •   Employees Scheduling

  •   Emailed alerts

  •   Track job labor budgets

  •   Mobile app with GPS

  •   Kiosk time clock

  •   Fast email and phone support

  •   Accounting and payroll software integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is annual pricing different than monthly pricing?

ClockShark’s pricing for all accounts is $5 per user and a $25 base fee, all of which is billed monthly. For example, the monthly invoice for an account with 5 users (including the administrator) would be $50.

Annual pricing charges for ten months up-front, and then provides two months for free. This two-month discount reduces the monthly user fee to $4.17, and the monthly base fee to $20.85.

Do I get access to all the features during my trial?

Yep, all of them. Your trial account is a fully functional account, so you have access to everything. When you sign up at the end of your trial, all your account information sticks around too. You won’t have to re-enter anything!

How long does my free trial last?

You can try ClockShark free for 14 days. That should give you enough time to run through a payroll period so you can decide if ClockShark is right for you. If you need a bit more time, just message us and we'll be glad to work with you! We’re sharks, not sticklers.

Is scheduling included?

Yes! While some time tracking providers do charge separately for scheduling, ClockShark includes it for free. Of course, companies can choose to just use the time tracking in ClockShark. But if they want to use the scheduling too, there is no additional cost.

Is the pricing in USD?

Yes, the pricing shown is US Dollars but customers all over the world use ClockShark.

Can I add and remove employees easily?

Of course! As your headcount changes, you can add, remove, or inactivate employees at any time with just a few clicks. Your bill will be pro-rated automatically, so you'll never overpay, and we’ll never overcharge!

Can I add all my employees to my trial account?

Absolutely! The idea is for you to test ClockShark fully during the trial, so feel free to add just a few of your employees, or add them all. Remember: there are no limits during the trial. It's a fully functional account!

Are administrators included in the employee count?

Yes, as account users, administrators do count toward your total employees for pricing.

Are any discounts available?

Yes, anyone can get two free months per year by paying annually! If you're a non-profit, there's an additional 20% discount available too.

Do you offer free setup and training?

Yep, let's do it! Whether you need setup help, training for your office staff or training for your field employees, we've got you covered. All that support and training is 100% free. Just like the air you breathe.

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