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ClockShark Time Tracking Reviews

Five Star Testimonials

Kris Schlembach

Excellent product. Now that I have tried it, I can't live without it. The customer service is second to none.

Kris Schlembach - KMR Enterprises

Deb Wintersmith

I can't imagine why everyone with staff in the field isn't using Clockshark. It is the easiest to use program of it's kind. Even the least tech employee on our staff is happy to have it. It is one touch - that's it.

Deb Wintersmith - Castleton Service Group

ClockShark has transformed keeping track of employee hours from a constant nightmare to an easy two to three click task. Printing timesheets for payroll couldn't be easier. Love it!

Rufus Howard, Lost Cow Home Maintenance & Repair - Pasco, WA

Five Star Reviews from

Micah Nichols

We run an electrical contracting business. Getting the guys to submit timesheets on time was always an issue, along with correcting accuracy. This app takes away those headaches of me (being in the office) chasing them down. Our employees LOVE IT!

Review from Intuit's

Been using Clockshark for a few months now. Very quick learning curve and a plethora of features. Their support is outstanding and it's simple enough that our crews in the field are up to speed within minutes and using it frequently.

Review from Intuit's

Clocking in and out and switching between jobs and tasks is a breeze. Review and approval of time cards for payroll is simple and this is the best QuickBooks interface I've ever used. Replacing our paper time cards with ClockShark was one of our best decisions this year.

Review from Intuit's

Five Star Reviews from

Laura Zack

ClockShark has been such a positive application for our company. We are able to be more efficient in our time management and as result save money.

Laura Zack (Review via

This has been a great improvement over hand-written time cards for the employees, plus with the GPS feature, it's easy to catch if someone has clocked in early or out late. Easy to generate reports and track labor budgets.

Mike Fromme (Review via

Maritza Westons

ClockShark was amazingly easy to roll out and use. Highly recommend this product.

Maritza Westons (Review via

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Case Studies

Buckingham Electric improves profit by eliminating time cards.

At Buckingham Electric in Ohio, owner Dustin Buckingham and wife Amy were tired of agonizing over payroll. Dustin says "For hours I heard Amy's sighs and groans of disgust while working on payroll. Timesheets were hard to read. Job numbers didn't match. Times were wrong since techs waited until the end of the week to fill them out. Timesheets were handed in at the last minute, leaving little time to do payroll. "

Recently, Dustin implemented ClockShark's Time Tracking and Scheduling Software. The system uses mobile apps and a web-based dashboard to manage time tracking for payroll. "Monday's Payroll is not stressful anymore", says Dustin. "After transitioning to ClockShark, we now resolve time card issues quickly while the jobs are still fresh in the minds of our employees. Job tracking is easy, and if we go over budget on hours, ClockShark lets me know."

Dustin was able to start using ClockShark without purchasing any equipment since his employees already own smartphones. He says his employees' initial concerns about using electronic time tracking quickly went away. He added, "ClockShark does not drain their smartphone batteries and uses almost no data from their data plans. Not only has it been a godsend for Amy, but it is better for the employee."

Dustin uses the GPSTrak™ feature in ClockShark to keep an eye on employee's locations. He invoices customers using reports he prints from the software. He says, " I now have confidence that my employees are on the job and getting paid for the actual hours worked. Cash flow has improved since we can invoice sooner. Clocking in is very simple for the employee. The software was easy to implement and had no real startup cost. ClockShark is one of the most affordable options on the market. It is now mandatory for employees, just like hand tools."

First Choice Home Remodeling Streamlines Business with ClockShark.

The story of First Choice Home Remodeling in Myrtle Beach South Carolina is an all too familiar one. The company was using an old style manual punch time clock to keep track of employees time. To track what jobs and tasks were worked on that day, each employee was supposed to write notes on the punch cards. This system was full of challenges, to say the least. "If we had workers that went directly to a job site we had no way to track when they actually arrived or left." said Megan Gustafson.

This manual system made up of punched paper with incomplete notes made it almost impossible for the companies owner, Ellis Weaver Jr. to really know where his employees were spending their time and how the projects were progressing. Trying to sort out all of this information each week was taking an enormous amount of time.

After replacing their old time keeping system with ClockShark Megan and Ellis noticed a big difference right away. "I can now see when my employees arrive at a job site or the shop, when they take lunch, when they switch to another job or task and when they leave for the day." Almost overnight the process of tracking down and correcting incomplete information went away, saving the company many hours each week.

Faster payroll processing wasn't the only thing First Choice Home Remodeling gained by switching to ClockShark. They also got valuable insight into their business. "It has helped with cost analysis of jobs to keep track of travel time, clean up and tasks being done at job sites. I now very simply upload my workers weekly time with tasks included into QuickBooks with a click of my mouse. I can easily run reports that help me to see what job and what tasks were completed and the amount of time it took."

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