Paid Time Off

Setup leave policies with requests, approvals and accruals

Tracking hourly time away from work is as simple as tracking it on the job with ClockShark PTO. Just build your custom sick and vacation policies, assign employees and time will accrue automatically each pay period. Plus, your crew can request time right from the mobile app, and you can see who’s taking time off on the work schedule. Say goodbye to updating spreadsheets and the communication nightmare of managing PTO, forever.

"It has been quite easy to navigate, and when I'm stuck, customer service helps right away. It's so nice to have something that keeps track of time and PTO in one place."

Theresa V.
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Build PTO Policies for Sick and Vacation Time Off

ClockShark uses a modern paid time off policy builder to do short work out of creating automated accruals for your company. How short? In 90 seconds, you can build a plan. Just put in details such as annual time off limits, how and when employees accrue time off if there is a waiting period, carryover hour rules, and maximum balance limits. Paid time off balances are now updated automatically so employees and managers don’t have to ask or answer the tiring question, “Do I have enough time to take a day off?”

Requests & Approvals Made for Mobile Teams

Requesting paid time off, whether for sick or vacation, can be a drag on productivity. With ClockShark, employees can see how many PTO hours are available to them for use and request right from the mobile app. Smart alerts let managers know there are pending requests for paid time off, and approving requests is simple. Plus, all approved vacation days will show up on the job schedule to make sure planning out the week's work is a snap.

Flexible to Meet Different Needs

With the policy builder for paid time off, you can easily set up a PTO plan that meets annual leave regulations whether you’re in New York, London or Sydney. Pick if paid time is deposited annually on a specific day, or whether it’s earned through the year for two main types of time off plans: paid time off and sick time off. Policies can be fitted for common laws such as use-it-or-lose-it and payment of time off on termination and can accommodate multiple classes of employees.

Simple Coordination, Better Communication

Field service and construction companies run on the fuel of a skilled crew. Managing the schedules to make sure the job gets done by the right person while allowing employees to take paid leave from work isn’t easy. Using ClockShark PTO allows the employee and manager to know exactly when a request or approval is made, and approved time off is visible on the work schedule. No more guessing if it’s okay if someone takes the day off.

For Managers

You want to make sure your employees know where to be and when. Learn how ClockShark can make it easy for you and your crew.

For Employees

It’s important to make sure your employees are getting paid for the time they’re working. Find out how ClockShark can keep them on time.

For Payroll & Accounting

Keeping track of reports and job costing just got a whole lot easier. See why ClockShark can help solve all of your problems by eliminating timecards.

ClockShark integrations make payroll and accounting painless

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"I love this software because it consolidates the time/payroll keeping process. It simplifies something that can get overwhelming & helps us keep an eye on what jobs to bill for labor!"

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