ClockShark Launches Clock Out Questions for Construction and Field Service Teams

clock out questions
By Michelle Kruse | 2 minute read

It’s the feature you’ve all been asking for, the most efficient way to stay on top of what happens during your employees’ workday. Clock Out Questions lets you collect answers to customized questionnaires from employees before they clock out or switch jobs.

Workplace and employee compliance issues can make day-to-day work complicated and frustrating. You need to understand what is happening, who is having issues on a job, and when an incident such as an injury occurs. Whether you need to know what is happening on a specific job or just want to do a general check-in at the end of every day, Clock Out Questions has you covered.  

Here's How Clock Out Questions Will Save You Hours of Time

When an employee clocks out of a job or switches from a job that has a questionnaire set up, they will be prompted with the required questionnaire before the clock out can be completed. All of the recorded responses will be available with the timesheet report and Clock Out Questions report.

You can even mark specific responses as “unexpected” so that when someone selects the response you will be alerted via email and the response will be flagged on the timesheet. These flagged responses will be viewable in the Clock Out Questions report as well as on the timesheet. I bet you're thinking, this is going to save me hours per week, and you'd be right!

How Do I Set Up Clock Out Questions?

Good news, setting it up is super easy! First, head to the Admin drop-down menu in the upper left corner, and select “Clock Out Questions”. Second, click the green button “Add Questionnaire”. Third, add your questions to the questionnaire and assign it to a specific Job, Department or Location. That's it! Optionally choose a response to be considered as “unexpected” so that you can be alerted by email when an employee selects the unexpected response. For more details click here.

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Which Plan is it Included On?

Clock Out Questions is available on the Pro plan. If you are on the Basic or Standard plan and you're ready to try it, click here to visit the Billing page to upgrade your plan. Or, just give us a quick call at 800-828-0689 and we'll process your upgrade over the phone.

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