New: Communicate Better With Conversations

New: Communicate Better With Conversations
By ClockShark | 5 minute read

It’s a hassle to keep track of who has said what about which job, when. Our customers told us they wished there was an easier way to communicate with everyone involved in a job. That’s why we developed Conversations: A new, simpler way to keep everyone informed about each job in real-time.

Share Data Quickly and Easily

Ever get frustrated trying to track down information and communicate about jobs or customers through phone calls, emails, or texts?

With Conversations, employees, administrators, and supervisors can all share data and information in one thread about a job or customer, including photos, special requests, problems/issues, customer information, and more. And the best part is - this conversation flows in real time from the office to the field, connecting everyone that needs to talk. 

Mention Key People

Trying to reach people can be difficult when you have field and office workers. 

Using the @ symbol, those who need to be in the loop will be tagged in a ‘mention’ and notified of their name being mentioned in a conversation thread so they won’t miss any updates.

Communicate Better With Conversations

Follow Important Threads

When you need to stay on top of a specific job or customer, it’s challenging to keep track of the progress but administrators and managers often need to know when each step is completed and employees need to know any special instructions as they happen.

Conversations allows you to follow any thread you choose so you will be notified of any updates shared in it. Likewise, you can unfollow a thread.

Communicate Better With Conversations

Get Notified of Updates

Never miss out on updated job progress again. With Conversations, you’ll be kept informed as you choose, based on your choice.

Choose to receive (or opt out of) email notifications which you can customize to be received as frequently as you choose: Never, as they come, or a once-per-day summary.

Communicate Better With Conversations

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Bulk Download Important Files

Searching for and downloading individual files related to a particular job or customer takes a lot of time. Conversations changes that!

Instead of searching through endless batches of files and attachments, Conversations lets you bulk download all the data you want from one single thread. Download as much (or as little) as you want into a .zip file. Handy, right?

Communicate Better With Conversations

Anyone Can Use It

You and your team can use Conversations from both the mobile app and the website. This means anyone can join in the conversation and there’s no more searching for emails, texts, files, or information. Everything stays in one place.

Take advantage of Conversations now, and streamline your communication and workflows.

Communicate Better With Conversations


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