Best Project Management Software for Construction 2024

Category: Construction | By Cristina Johnson | 6 minute read | Updated Mar 19, 2024
Best Project Management Software for Construction 2024

Tech integration is key for companies aiming to stay ahead and work smarter. Among the many high-tech tools out there, the best software for project management is a game-changer. The best project management software for construction is a toolbox of digital aids designed to make planning, executing, and keeping tabs on construction projects a breeze. It handles everything from divvying up tasks and managing resources to controlling documents and keeping communication flowing. These software solutions are the backbone of project management, letting project managers steer complex jobs with ease and efficiency.

Top 5: Best Project Management Software For Construction

The best project management software for construction packs a punch with a range of digital tools designed to smooth out project workflows, allocate resources smartly, and boost teamwork on construction jobs big and small. These software picks are tailored to tackle the challenges of today's construction projects head-on, making productivity, transparency, and success a sure thing.

1. ClockShark

Running a field service or construction business takes serious teamwork and coordination. With ClockShark’s construction software, you get the top-notch timesheet app and a bunch of other tools to speed up job completion and get those payments coming in fast.

Key Features

Time Tracking On The Go

ClockShark has tracking time software to make costs a breeze. Your crew can punch in and out with a tap, keeping your records spot-on for payroll and budgeting. With this level of accuracy, you'll always know who did what and for how long, with 99.9% precision.

Paperless Job Management

With ClockShark, keep all your job details in one spot. From kick-off to wrap-up, it's got everything you need to run your jobs smoother than a concrete pour on a cool, overcast day. Job management software means you can squeeze more out of each workday without having to hire more hands. Plus, you'll always have the right team on the job at the right time, making sure everything gets done on schedule.

Team & Employee Scheduling

Scheduling fieldwork is a breeze with ClockShark. Just log in, whip up employee schedules, dish out tasks, and give directions to the job site—all without breaking a sweat. Need to tweak schedules or shuffle tasks around? Piece of cake. After a couple of clicks, you're good to go, and now you're using your resources to the max.

Quotes, Invoices, & Payments

ClockShark makes handling quotes, invoices, and payments a breeze, giving you the edge to snag more contracts, score bigger payments, and get your cash faster. Tailor your quotes to shine, whip up precise invoices for jobs well done, and speed up payments by taking online transactions.


ClockShark plays nice with all the big players, syncing up with top apps to take the headache out of admin tasks like payroll and job costing. Whether you want to integrate with QuickBooks, Sage 100 Contractor, Xero, ADP®, Paychex, or more, you can supercharge your productivity so you can focus on the real work.

Infuse Location Data

Level up your game with location data, adding context to every note, picture, message, and timesheet entry. This feature brings extra transparency and accountability to the table, making sure tasks get done right, no matter where your team is.

Work in Real-Time

Stay connected with your on-the-go managers and crew in the blink of an eye. Tweak schedules on the fly, dish out site-specific details as your teams hit the ground running, and keep everything running smoothly with ClockShark's real-time communication.

Win More Business

Join the ranks of over 7,000 field service, construction, and contractor crews who've kicked admin headaches to the curb, fine-tuned their processes, and opened up new business opportunities thanks to one of the best project management software for construction solutions - ClockShark's all-in-one platform!


Most Popular: Standard
  • Price: $40/mo + $8/mo per user. Base fee includes 1 free admin.
  • Features: Time tracking with scheduling, geofencing, and administrative features tailored for small businesses.
  • Price: $60/mo + $10/mo per user. Base fee includes 1 free admin.
  • Features: All inclusions in the standard package PLUS robust time tracking and scheduling, Time off management, and advanced job costing controls.

All plans include essential features like time & attendance tracking, drag & drop scheduling, and 5-star rated customer support. Try ClockShark for free for 14 days without providing credit card details.

2. Procore

Procore's the go-to for tradespeople like you. It's not just another management platform—it's the whole package. From planning to the final touches, Procore's got your back. With over 1 million projects worldwide, it's your ticket to less hassle and more profit. Whether you're on the tools or calling the shots, Procore's here to help you build smarter and stronger.

Key Features

Project Management

Procore's got your back with mobile-friendly project management tools that make life easier whether you're in the field or back at HQ. Get real-time updates on project progress and keep things moving smoothly.

Quality & Safety

Stay on top of quality and safety without breaking a sweat. With Procore, you can manage daily logs, inspections, and incidents all in one spot, so you can keep your standards high and your risks low.

Project Financials

Keep those project budgets in check with real-time data straight from the field. Know where every dollar is going and how it's affecting your bottom line as the job progresses.

Invoice Management

Forget the headache of chasing down invoices. Procore's got your back, streamlining billing processes and keeping everyone in the loop with the latest financial info.

Design Coordination

Make sure everyone's on the same page with seamless coordination between VDC teams and operations. Procore makes it easy to log, assign, and resolve coordination issues in a flash.

Bid Management

Save yourself time and hassle during the bidding process. Procore lets you distribute info, collect bids, and track everything you need right within the platform.

Streamlined Communication

No more waiting around for emails or phone calls. With Procore, you can collaborate effortlessly across teams and projects, keeping everyone in the loop and boosting productivity.

Scalable Platform

Grow your business without missing a beat with Procore's flexible tech. Whether you're just starting out or expanding your empire, Procore's got what you need to adapt and thrive.


Procore's pricing is straightforward and designed to fit your needs, but you’ll need to get in touch with them to get a quote tailored to your needs. It's all about unlimited collaboration for everyone involved in your projects, with fixed, predictable pricing. The more projects you run through Procore, the more value you get in terms of cost savings and productivity gains.


Looking to streamline your construction projects? Check out! With its customizable dashboards and user-friendly Gantt charts, it's the Swiss Army knife of project management tools. While it's not tailored specifically for construction, its adaptability makes it a perfect fit for projects of any size in the construction world. Plus, with features like real-time collaboration and killer project visualization, makes teamwork a breeze. 

Key Features

Project Management

Say goodbye to scattered plans and hello to streamlined collaboration. centralizes everything from task assignments to progress tracking, making project management a breeze.

Task Management

Keep your team on track and focused with's task management tools. Easily prioritize tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress from start to finish.

Resource Management

Ensure your resources are allocated effectively and workloads are balanced with By optimizing resource allocation, teams can boost productivity and achieve better results.

Portfolio Management

Get a bird's-eye view of all your projects with's portfolio management tools. From tracking progress to detailed reporting, you'll have the insights you need to steer projects toward success.

Business Operations

From planning operations to managing the supply chain,'s intuitive interface streamlines business workflows. By centralizing operations, teams can identify and iron out any bottlenecks for maximum efficiency.

Goals & Strategy

Keep your eye on the prize by defining and tracking goals aligned with your business strategy. With's goal-setting features, visualizing progress and staying aligned with objectives has never been easier.

Pricing offers flexible pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes and budgets:

  • Free Plan: Zero cost, up to 2 seats. Ideal for individuals and small teams, the Free Plan includes basic features such as up to 3 boards, unlimited docs, and iOS/Android apps. Basic Plan: $13/mo per seat. For teams looking to manage all their work in one place, the Basic Plan offers unlimited free viewers, 5GB file storage, and prioritized customer support.
  • Standard Plan: $17/mo per seat. The Standard Plan, the most popular choice, includes additional features like timeline & Gantt views, guest access, and integrations.
  • Pro Plan: $26/mo per seat. Streamline complex workflows at scale with the Pro Plan, which offers private boards, time tracking, and advanced automations and integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for organizations requiring exclusive features, the Enterprise Plan includes enterprise-scale automations & integrations, multi-level permissions, and advanced reporting & analytics.

4. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a versatile tool tailored for contractors, architects, and designers. It offers everything you need for managing construction projects in one sleek package. Whether it's punch lists, inspections, messaging, or scheduling, Fieldwire ensures smooth communication and coordination every step of the way. Perfect for small to mid-size construction companies, it's equipped with a user-friendly interface and powerful features, giving construction teams the edge they need to tackle projects with finesse and accuracy.

Key Features

1. Coordination Efficiency
  • Assign tasks and work from up-to-date drawings.
  • Align field and office operations seamlessly.
2. Performance Tracking
  • Identify responsible individuals for tasks.
  • Create schedules for upcoming work.
  • Implement best practices across projects.
3. Risk Reduction
  • Capture as-built project information for indisputable records.
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors and disputes.
4. Purpose-built for Diverse Teams
  • Tailored features for general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, architects, and designers.
  • Customizable functionalities to meet specific project needs.
5. Jobsite Management For Construction Teams

Fieldwire caters to a diverse range of construction professionals, including general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, architects, and designers. Here's how different stakeholders benefit from using Fieldwire:

  • General Contractors: Manage jobs efficiently from anywhere, track progress in real-time for enhanced coordination.
  • Specialty Contractors: Access the latest plans and documents on any device, capture work performed on-site to reduce risks.
  • Business Owners: Generate automated project reports for seamless handovers, scale businesses with unlimited projects and storage.
  • Architects & Designers: Streamline document management with automatic version control, stay updated with real-time field updates.


Fieldwire offers transparent pricing plans to accommodate teams and projects of any size. The plans include:

  • Basic: Free for small teams to try out core features.
  • Pro: $39 per user per month (billed annually) for growing teams seeking scalability.
  • Business: $59 per user per month (billed annually) for advanced teams unifying their processes.
  • Business Plus: $79 per user per month (billed annually) for teams integrating Fieldwire with core technology.

5. Contractor Foreman

Efficiently managing construction projects demands the right tools, and Contractor Foreman rises to the occasion as a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for contractors worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and robust features streamline project management, financial tracking, team collaboration, document management, and beyond. Trusted by contractors in over 75 countries, Contractor Foreman is a go-to app for contractors, delivering unmatched value in the industry.

Key Features

Project Management
  • Gantt (CPM) Scheduling: Plan and track project schedules with ease.
  • Daily Logs: Maintain detailed records of daily activities, weather conditions, visitor logs, and more.
  • Project Tracking: Keep projects on track with real-time collaboration and field collaboration features.
  • Procurement: Streamline procurement processes and track costs efficiently.
  • Job Costing: Monitor project finances and track expenses to ensure profitability.
  • Estimates: Create fast and streamlined estimates with electronic approval and signatures.
  • Invoices: Generate invoices quickly and easily, offering various invoicing methods, including progress invoicing and time & material invoicing.
  • Purchase Orders: Track vendor costs and manage expenses effectively with purchase orders.
  • Real-time Costs Database: Access up-to-date material and labor prices to create accurate estimates and invoices.
  • Directory: Organize contacts by type and manage contractor, employee, and supplier information efficiently.
  • Team Chat: Facilitate real-time communication among team members with group chat and direct messaging features.
  • Leads Manager: Track and manage leads effectively, scheduling follow-ups and monitoring lead statistics.
  • Time Cards: Capture employee time accurately with various time card options, including crew time cards and GPS tracking.
  • Files and Photos: Store and manage project documents and photos securely with unlimited storage.
  • Reports: Access pre-built reports or create custom reports to analyze project data effectively.
  • Forms and Checklists: Create customized forms and checklists to streamline documentation processes.
  • RFIs: Manage request for information (RFI) and correspondence logs efficiently, ensuring proper documentation.
More Features
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular systems like QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and Zapier to expand functionality.
  • Dashboard: Customize your dashboard to display relevant project data and company announcements.
  • Ease of Use: Enjoy a user-friendly interface with customizable templates, global search, and multi-device support.
  • Support: Receive personalized training and support to meet your unique business needs.


Contractor Foreman offers flexible pricing plans to fit various business needs and budgets:

  • Basic: $49/month
  • Standard: $79/month
  • Plus: $125/month
  • Pro: $166/month
  • Unlimited: $249/month

All plans come with a free 30-day trial and include features like free training and support, apps for various devices, unlimited storage, and a price-lock guarantee.

Essential Features

The best project management software for construction needs to nail down key features to keep things running smoothly and ensure projects reach their full potential. Task management is at the top of the list, making sure everyone knows what they're doing and who's responsible for what. This clarity keeps teams organized and on track.

Keeping tabs on time is crucial too. Time tracking tools help monitor labor costs and project progress accurately. By logging hours spent on different tasks, project managers can make smart decisions, manage budgets effectively, and spot areas for improvement. It's all about staying on schedule and within budget.

Don't forget about document management. Having all project documentation in one spot makes life easier for everyone involved. It streamlines processes, ensures everyone's working from the same page (literally), and keeps everything compliant with regulations. Better collaboration and transparency? Yes, please!

Lastly, budget management is key. Project managers need to keep a close eye on expenses and budgets to stay on track financially. Real-time monitoring helps maintain transparency, hold everyone accountable, and hit those financial targets. No more budget surprises—just smooth sailing to project success.

Implementation Challenges and Solutions

Embracing the best project management software for construction brings a wealth of advantages, but it's not without its hurdles. Integration complexity looms large, as seamless integration with existing software and workflows is key to minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. Robust training and support are pivotal for smooth user adoption, reducing resistance to change and nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Data security is another critical factor, demanding stringent measures to protect sensitive project information from unauthorized access or breaches. Upholding data confidentiality, integrity, and availability is essential for successful implementation and ongoing operations. Scalability is also paramount to accommodate business growth and evolving project needs. Opting for software solutions that scale effectively ensures smooth expansion and adaptation to changing requirements over time.

By proactively tackling these challenges and leveraging the right software solutions, construction firms can surmount implementation obstacles and unlock the full potential of the best software for project management. This proactive approach empowers them to drive operational excellence, enhance project outcomes, and achieve strategic objectives in an ever-competitive industry landscape.

Embracing Technology For Construction Success

The best project management software for construction is the backbone of digital transformation in the construction industry. By choosing the right software solutions, construction firms can simplify processes, boost collaboration, and stay ahead in today's fast-paced market. In this digital age, embracing technology isn't just an option—it's a must for construction firms aiming to thrive.


Q: Can some of the best project management software for construction help with resource management?

A: Yes, some of the best project management software for construction offer resource management tools to help allocate and track labor, equipment, and materials effectively, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing project efficiency.

Q: How can the best software for project management improve communication among project stakeholders?

A: The best software for project management typically includes communication tools such as real-time messaging, document sharing, and collaborative platforms, facilitating transparent and efficient communication among project teams, clients, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

Q: Is the best software for project management suitable for use in remote or distributed project teams?

A: Yes, most modern construction project management software solutions are designed to support remote or distributed teams, providing cloud-based access to project information, real-time collaboration features, and mobile compatibility, enabling seamless communication and coordination regardless of geographic location.

Q: Can construction project management software help with compliance and regulatory requirements?

A: Absolutely, many best software for project management solutions offer features to help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as document control, audit trails, and automated reporting functionalities, helping construction firms adhere to legal requirements and avoid potential liabilities.

Q: How customizable are construction project management software solutions to fit specific project needs?

A: The level of customization varies among different software solutions, but many offer configurable features and flexible workflows to accommodate specific project requirements and organizational preferences, allowing users to tailor the software to their unique needs and workflows.

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